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OMG, RAMONA SINGER!!! Can we cancel this bitch yet, people? Back the hell off with your mental-health shaming shit. I'm done with it and done with her!

We are gonna burn it all down on our @KikiAndKibbitz
#RHONY podcast this week! #TeamLeah https://t.co/TEU418Ebbp


Rob and Jessica are back on the love boat and Aesha is the frosty iceberg on that Titanic. Tom is the focus of this ragecast- maybe get up and do your job... instead of Malia. How can we NOT miss Kiko? #BelowDeckMed⚓️


The @KikiAndKibbitz #BelowDeckMed blog is up.
For the uninitiated:
git /ɡit/
noun informal•British
an unpleasant or contemptible person.
"Tom Checketts is a git."



Reunion Part 1 starring Sonja's facelift, Dorinda’s rage and everyone’s drinking! Ramona's offensive Covid antics. John's shady business with Scott. They couldn't decide on this season’s worst drunk, so we did! #RHONY🍎🍸https://t.co/Dtuxw0P2EE

EPISODE ALERT! We've got a guest co-host this week. Missing @HWsWhisperer, but happy that my buddy was able to fill in. Check out this clip and if you like it, listen to the full episode of the @kikiandkibbitz #RHOP podcast here: https://t.co/imgXATdJQj. Rate! Review! Subscribe!

Hard to determine power positions without the 2 sofas. Dorinda is second closest to Andy and she was fired. #RHONY

The ladies of #RHOP go camping- and it's clear none of them have been outside before! Ashley and Wendy get into their baby issues at the lake house- so wholesome, compared to Michael's StripperGate. He just can't keep his hands to himself, can he?


EPISODE ALERT! The Wellington nightmare continues on #BelowDeckMed this week. Poor Jess is getting the shaft. Aesha is bringing all kinds of positive energy. Too bad it's mesmerizing Rob and making Jess feel pushed to the side. And JOHNNY DAMON SUCKS!


The #BelowDeckMed blog is up. Gotta say that Captain Stubing, Gopher, and Isaac didn't give me a very realistic impression of what a Love Boat is actually like.



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