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Each week you get 45 seconds of Mary in her closet- as a treat. #RHOSLC https://t.co/Jpd9sdviWy

It’s all about breakups and makeups on #RHOSLC! Jen's marriage is on the rocks and she blames EVERYBODY but herself. Lesson of the week? A trip to the Manson family hippie spa can solve anything.
@realstacyconner @jordanrmeyers

"Money can't buy you class" but it can buy cat food and ice cream 🐈🍦 #RHONY #BravoTV #newepisode https://t.co/ITuxBlmtor

Real Housewives of Grey Gardens x PCP! Big Edie & Little Edie were made for Bravo. The Bouvier name, a rundown mansion, & delusions of grandeur. They blurred the line between tragedy & glamour. #RHONY #RHOBH @realstacyconner @nathanwinston18 @jordanrmeyers

Check out @KikiAndKibbitz podcasts. A lot of stuff happening on #belowdeck and they always notice things I missed and provide a lot of insight to the show each week. https://t.co/3cwdWW8FDd

NEW! The crew on #BelowDeck always goes overboard for the guests. But Delores just keeps going overboard for them...in the worst possible way. Yay for horses on the beach! Chef Rachel makes a gorgeous seafood extravaganza, but an ugly drunk. Bon appetit! https://t.co/PYRopD0Mnj

The #BelowDeck blog is up. Drunken Delores did not disappoint, or did depending on your perspective. Would love to hear what side you're on in the "bunk bang" debate, and for what it's worth, it never has to be the same as mine.😉


NEW EPISODE! Brad is back and we're talking #90DayFiance! Natalie wants her damn ring back, ok? Jovi’s friend takes Yara out to provoke her. WE HATE ANDREW! Zied makes it to the US. Stephanie and Ryan...well, whatever. https://t.co/sl9ZchYoVC See the video on IG (@KikiandKibbitz)


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