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One man.
Sixteen Grammys.
Five marriages-
and a possible case of Munchausen.
What can go wrong here? #RHOBH https://t.co/tziy63vOr3

Happy 90 Day Day, I mean Sunday! Catch up on last weeks episode before the big show tonight, as I and ⁦@NotThatBrianna⁩ discuss the couples and all of their foolishness on the ⁦@KikiAndKibbitz⁩ 90 Day TOW Podcast! https://t.co/yZpHAynI1f


David Foster is the step-father of ALL reality TV! This music legend and #RHOBH vet has 5 marriages (and 4 divorces) that connect him to EVERYONE from Gigi & Bella to the Kardashian-Jenners and American Idol. The drama is endless.


If anyone w/o personal experience (like me) wants more clarity about “vapegate” about vapes check out this hilarious podcast ⁦@KikiAndKibbitz⁩

Everyone should be pissed about misinfo from ⁦@BravoTV⁩

#BelowDeckMed #BelowDeckMedReunion https://t.co/a5UpnITkB0

And @NotThatBrianna is always available for individual consultation on the topic. Thanks for the shout-out, @AdrienneGang!


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Coining a neologism

Redisfatbution: when your doctor's scale says you haven't gained any weight, but your jeans feel like an 18th century corset.



This is obscene and absurd. The quote about suburban women is so sexist and racist. I just can't with this guy. I don't care what your party is, but please, people, we need a culture of diversity and inclusion. I like the Pope more than Trump!


This Pope is shaking things up and it makes my heart overflow. His actions, to me, demonstrate what religion should be like. Inclusive. ❤️

Pope Francis Appoints First African-American Cardinal https://t.co/jBbQOAVW1x