#103 Below Deck, Season 8, Ep. 1: There’s No Place Like Home

O Captain, our Captain! He’s baaackkkk and he needs his pants creased a certain way and his goddamn Cheerios properly prepared — got it? We kick off the episode with Captain in the hospital after falling in the shower. Eddie channeled our own anxiety … we can’t lose him, too! Izzy doesn’t know how to make an espresso martini, which should warrant immediate dismissal. At least she gets punished with a face full of bidet water. Rachel the chef — whose Louis Vuitton bag, phone, and keys were stolen in the supermarket — promises to be an amusing watch. We can smell the shenanigans brewing in the galley. We’re already one deckhand down, so the drama has begun. The Bravoverse is having a bit of a tough time adjusting to the absence of our gorgeous, snarky Kate Chastain. Chief Stew Francesca is giving us major Hannah Ferrier vibes, which is triggering even more mourning. Change is hard. However, no matter WHAT, we’re so glad to have a break from Captain Lurk from Below Deck Med, right? Leave us a voicemail and let us know what you think! https://anchor.fm/kikiandkibbitz/message

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