#108 90 Day Fiancé The Other Way, Season 2, Ep. 20: Not on My Watch

On this episode, Jenny and Sumit find out that they’re finally cleared to get married. Somehow, Sumit doesn’t look thrilled. Is homeboy having second thoughts? Ariela’s parents visit Ethiopia and Father Ari seems shocked that it’s a third-world country. We wonder if he knows how to use Google. They’re ready to start chipping in on the bills, but not before they tell Biny that he shouldn’t do what he loves, because he can’t support his daughter in the style to which she is accustomed. Again, Dad—Google is your friend. It’s not like there’s a booming tech market in Ethiopia and you knew he wasn’t a damn lawyer. We’re shocked that Yazan wasn’t more pissed off when he shows up to pick up Brittany and Angela and they’re effing WASTED. He’s so eager to win her back that he doesn’t even get pissed when she cuts off a lock of his hair. But the next day, he takes back what he said about being willing to wait a year to get married. Cheesedick and Melyza are a waste of screen time—prove us wrong. Kenny and Armando are still our faves, but not as much as Daughter Hannah, who understands better than anyone that love is love. In South Korea, Elicia is on her way for the wedding, and it’s making Jihoon incontinent. We’d feel the same way. She’s terrifying. Rate! Review! Subscribe! Share!

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