#109 Below Deck, Season 8, Ep. 3: Max and Dax’s Excellent Adventure

Just in case budgie smuggling wasn’t enough for you, this week on Below Deck gives us the gift of a naked woman covered with sushi (to which Jen objects violently, on the grounds that the human body sheds 40,000 skin cells a day. Why’d you have to ruin it for the rest of us, JEN?). This episode is full of all the stuff Bravo is made of — muscle-bound guys with one-track minds, ditzy blonds, and entitled rich kids. Captain Lee has had it with crying stews, broken ribs, and Sunshine. Vodka’s the answer, but an elusive one at that. The new guests are either self-made geniuses or *those* kids in your high school you always wanted to beat up. We’ve got a new stew and she’s charming, but already exhausted. So yeah, we’ve got even more crying in yachting on this episode. Grab your Dramamine…it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

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