#113 Below Deck, Season 8, Ep. 4: Do Not Disturb

This week on Below Deck, we continue with Jax and Dax and Max (or whatever their names are — does it really matter?). Thanks to the slow pace of the interior staff, they’re so wasted that they’re basically two jello shots away from a jet ski accident. Lest you forget, those girls were LITERALLY starving. Someone, quick, tell them what literally means. And while you’re at it, explain what tipping is and why one should do it. The crew goes out for yet another ho-hum night, returning to the boat faster than any Below Deck crew ever. Maybe they bore each other as much as this episode is boring us. We close out the episode with Shane sleeping in his bunk while everyone else is working, sporting a “Do Not Disturb” eye mask. Eddie sees him and stalks off, hopefully to tell Captain Lee and end the collective torture. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Stay safe, wear your mask, and consider spending a quiet holiday at home. Cheers!

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