#115 Below Deck: Season 8, Ep. 5: Champagne Wishes and Caviar Screams

Champagne, caviar, and foie gras…all the things that expensive yacht charters are made of (except if you’re us, in which case, just bring on the bubbly). This season of Below Deck has finally started to heat up after a bit of a slow start. Somehow, Sunshine didn’t get fired after his nap (maybe next week) and Rachel is approaching full-tilt crazy. We object to the half-empty plates, of course. Gordon Ramsey is definitely screaming expletives at the screen, if he’s watching. It looks like something is missing (such as a giant slab of filet mignon…just sayin’). These guests aren’t quite as evil as Charley, but they’re still not folks you’d want to invite over for dinner. Basically, eff us in the mouth—if I’m cooking, keep your booty in the seat, yo. Elizabeth has crystals in her bra and seems like she would make a great match for stoner Shane. They’re equally sloppy about their work and flaky AF. At least this week’s beach picnic went better. Stay safe and visit https://beautysociety.com/kikiandkibbitz for the best skincare products we know…and to support your favorite podcasters (that’s us—duh!). Till next time, hugs, kisses, and champagne dreams, friends!

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