#119 Below Deck, Season 8, Ep. 6: Just Another Day In Paradise

Ahoy there, maties! Below Deck might be a little slow this week, but we’re as buzzed and enthusiastic as ever! That said, if we were charter guests, there’d be no spilling red wine all over the gorgeous teak deck. Sit your puppy ass on the porch, peeps, because it’s just bad form. Rachel has lost her fool mind, but not quite enough for Jen. We’d like to see a little more drama, but maybe we’re a bit desensitized after the shit show that was last season’s Below Deck Med. Captain Lee is as salty as ever, but can you blame him? UC Berkeley or no, Shane can’t even count to four to properly drop the fenders. Thrust this, baby (visualize Brianna flipping Shane off). The Americans on the show are just making us look bad, but we promise you, rest of the world, lots of us work plenty hard without complaining. (Look, we’re podcasting on a work night!) Stay safe, everyone. Wear your masks and stay home or you’ll leave Captain Lee standing on deck with his dick in his hands. Rate! Review! Subscribe! Share!

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