#126 90 Day Fiancé, Season 8, Ep. 3: Bless This Mess

The hilarity level stays high in this episode (we’re still so grateful The Other Way is over — so depressing!) with three beautiful Eastern European girls suffering intense culture shock. Julia is stunned that Brandon’s mommy wants to spend every waking minute with them and interrupt what could be a promising bang trip. Yara does not want to stay in the bayou with her swamp boyfriend and thinks his mom’s fricassée (which looks delicious) doesn’t have tasty flavors. Jovi demands to stay at mom’s overnight…probably because he wants to get drunk and not drive home. Natalie is terrified of how dark it is on the way to Squim and finds his house cold and dirty (and appears frightened of his cat). Hazel is also overwhelmed by Tariq’s big house, which he thinks is clean, but has half-eaten food in the kitchen and clutter everywhere she looks. This week we meet a new couple—Andrew and Amira. Amira is chic and French. Andrew wears funny hats and runs a daycare in Roseville, CA. This should be fun. We won’t be live next week, but will be airing an exclusive interview with Usman Sojaboy Umar! Happy holidaze!

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