#127 Below Deck, Season 8, Ep. 8: No Way, Rosé

It’s our last podcast of 2020, so, bottoms up, kids! On this charter, the guests are a cross between the Lucky Charms leprechaun and Rainbow Brite, once again proving that money can’t buy you class. That said, they might not be as entitled as Elizabeth, who finds “work” an imposition on her aspirations towards enlightenment or James, who thinks “taking work seriously” is a sign of poor character. That is why they call it “work,” children. But who cares—here comes Rob, who’s not only hot, but a brainiac, to boot. He comes from a long line of pirates and hookers…who could ask for more than that? Maybe in 30 years he’ll attain Captain Lee status (as IF that’s possible). Happy New Year, everyone—may 2021 be a year where no one ever comes armed with only one bottle of rosé, where we can once again travel freely, and where pandemics are just a thing you read about in the history books. Cheers!

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