#140 90 Day Fiancé, Season 8, Ep.7: You So Bad Boy

Glad to finally have a night alone, Brandon and Julia enjoy a naked romp in the hot tub, but apparently, they didn’t cover their tracks well enough, because Detective Mom is on to them. Papa Ron is pissed off, too. If Brandon doesn’t start working harder around the farm, his relationship with Julia just might not work out (wait, what?). Zied’s cooking coffee in Rebecca’s apartment while she’s at work. He is so boring and so excited he see her again now. Natalie’s on the warpath because she can’t find her ring, so she lets Mike know that he’s an obese, classless drunk with a low IQ. Let’s see if she gets that ring now. Amira makes it to Amsterdam and we could not be happier for her (run, girl, run!). Tarik and Hazel only have eyes for…other women. Yara was engaged when she met Jovi, making us wonder what she did with the ring. Whatever it was, she should do it again and head back to Ukraine without looking back. Rate! Review! Subscribe! Share! See you next week!

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