#141 Below Deck, Season 8, Ep. 12: Blue Skies & UTIs

Some people may love her intelligence and wit, but we’re with Eddie on this — Rachel is a f*cking demon and an embarrassing one at that. Everyone has one of those friends, but it’s easier to ditch a friend than a fellow crew member. The crazy train keeps right on chugging through dinner as the foul-mouthed chef decides to talk shit about James RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM. Elizabeth doesn’t even really defend the shallow British douche canoe. Maybe James is willing to let go of his relationship with Elizabeth because of his bromance with Rob. They complete each other. In other news, the crew is dropping like flies, with UTIs and gastric distress all over the boat. Someone, quick — toss an antibiotic-filled life ring to this germ-infested group. The new guests arrive, bringing a less-offensive-than-anticipated little Yorkie with them. One of them is high-key flirting with Ashling, who somehow takes the bait. We. Don’t. Get. It. The episode ends sadly with Captain Lee talking about the son he lost to an overdose. So very sorry for your loss, Cap. And no, it wasn’t your fault.

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