#143 Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Season 1 Ep. 11: All Bets Are Off

It’s Viva Las Vegas for the ladies of RHOSLC! Stacy and Jordan dive into this trip to The Strip that’s filled with feuds and passive aggression. It’s Whitney’s vacation, but Mary won’t go, Meredith will think about it, and Lisa might find the time. Jen plays matchmaker with Heather and Big Daddy, then flips on Heather (again), questioning her loyalty in a shop full of $1k shoes. Whitney, Meredith, and Lisa hash it out at race track, where we learn Lisa’s driving skills are all Porsche and no bite.

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Yes, I’m laughing at you. Don’t take it personally. My great genius is discovering Jordan’s great genius and making chili. If I’m not here, I’m floating along a coral reef in the Caribbean.

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