#146 90 Day Fiancé Season 8, Ep. 8: Unsure and Insecure

It’s Groundhog Day on the farm and Julia is shoveling sh*t. We get it, girl. No, he not man. Yes, we hate him, too. We want you move now and no more sneaky room! The cashier at the drugstore wishes Yara good luck. Not sure if she had good luck or not getting pregnant with Jovi’s baby. But Mazel tov from K&K. Amira’s back in France, which is definitely the best news on this episode. Hopefully, she’ll get a clue and STAY THERE. He’s not worth it, Amira! Mike’s mom comes to visit and he and Natalie set a wedding date. Sigh. Let’s be real, none of these people should be together. Our advice to all of them: WEAR CONDOMS. Stay safe everyone…see you back here next time!

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