#148 90 Day Fiancé, Season 8, Ep. 9: The No Bang Theory

Brandon *kind of* confronts his parents, who practically self-destruct when they hear the news that he and Julia want to move out. His mom cries crocodile tears while his dad throws a fit because he doesn’t want to be strong-armed by his son’s fiancé. Finally, mom concedes that “maybe” she can compromise on the engaged couple sleeping in one room (how benevolent). Jovi thinks Yara is lying about being pregnant…but not so fast, party boy. He’s mystified how she got knocked up so fast (one hint, dude: you had sex without protection). Stephanie comes clean to Ryan about her tryst with cousin Harris, but it turns out he’d known for ages. Andrew is living it up in Mexico and thinks nothing of asking Amira to go quarantine in…SERBIA? Rebecca’s friend and former boss, Mel, grills Zied and makes Rebecca cry. Hazel and Tarik look for a brown girl who doesn’t have bad breath.

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