#149 Below Deck, Season 8, Ep. 14: Hide the Salami

It’s Elizabeth’s 30th birthday and everyone (wait, make that no one) is celebrating. Her day starts with another lecture from Francesca, who’s so frustrated with her that she’s crying. The Queen of Versailles comes aboard, demanding pickled jalapeño quail eggs, while her low-maintenance husband eschews champagne to drink sweet tea out of a styrofoam cup. Later, the couple sympathizes with Captain Lee, since they, too, lost a child to a drug overdose (crushing!). Meanwhile, their kids — too young to drink in the U.S. — get trash fish (to use Jen’s word), making Ashling nervous. She lies about the hot tub being out of order to get them to bed as soon as possible. Will Liz get fired? Find out next week!

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