#15 Real Housewives of Atlanta Baby Mama Drama, with Raven (Unfriendly Black Hottie/@mainlybravo)!

Our buddy Raven is back to help us do a deep dive into the failing relationships of new moms Kenya and Porsha, as well as the new season of Vanderpump Rules (yay!). We kick it off with Jordan’s analysis of why Megan Markle and Prince Harry have decided to “step back from their royal duties.” Brianna gives advice on what *not* to do when choosing a life partner (spoiler alert: don’t get married or have a baby with someone you’ve known for less than three months…we’re looking at YOU Kenya and Porsha!). Raven explains how “Lauren from Utah” is literally the *opposite* of what the #metoo movement stands for, as well as an egregious cultural appropriator. And of course, we dig into the “did they or didn’t they” with Dayna and Peter Madrigal on #PumpRules! 

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