#153 Below Deck, Season 8, Ep. 16: Premature Evacuation

Below Deckers, we hope you’re ready for all this. It’s the last episode of the season and we’re in our pajamas, drinking, and just being who we are. How else can we cope with the aborted season, the COVID flashbacks, and the intersection of reality TV and actual reality? This is some heavy shit. After Elizabeth’s departure, the crew goes to dinner and the poor girl’s cake arrives anyway. Rachel is irate that everyone seems to be dancing on her friend’s grave. Meanwhile — cake, people. Cake. The next day, after a failed throw-her-under-the-bus session with the Captain, Rachel decides to walk it off and try to work with Chess anyway. Ironic, because…there ain’t gonna be no more working this season. It’s over. So what else can you do, besides start drinking? No one knows what’s going to happen. Borders are closed. People are self-isolating. It’s sheer chaos. In the end, some fences are mended, other relationships remain unresolved (despite some inauthentic efforts), and someone gets a well-deserved promotion. It’s a wild ride…and the real-life ride still isn’t over. In the end, there’s not much more to say except, hopefully the reunion is a little more upbeat. Real life is hard enough. Right? If you want to see us in our silly pajamas, head over to the @KikiandKibbitz Instagram and have a drink with us. Cheers!

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