#16 Who Wants to Pretend They’re Not a Millionaire, featuring Jen (@HWsWhisperer)!

This season of Vanderpump Rules opened with the news that the only OG cast members who still worked at SUR were Scheana, Jax, and Peter. In episode 2, we get the ol’ bait and switch, when Tom Sandoval tells us he went back to SUR because he just missed it and because he likes to end the night with a wad of cash. Next, we have Ariana in a $$$ outfit, talking about she’s bored and wants to come back to SUR.  J&B&J discuss the pretense here, with some of these cast members making close to $500k/season. Or maybeeeee they just want to make sure they stay relevant? You decide! At least Lala has the decency to constantly flaunt her wealth (wait, did we say Lala has decency?). On Real Housewives of NJ, we debate Jennifer Aydin’s motivation for researching Jackie’s wealth and whether it makes her a horrible person. Lastly, on Below Deck, we cover Rhylee’s firing/not firing and whether Captain Lee really would work with Ashton again. And. So. Much. More. 

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