#44 Real Housewives of New York Season 12, Episode 6: Just the Sip

JACQUES IS BACK and Luann’s old paramour looks like he’s back from the grave, as well. The Frenchman is also engaged and Luann “couldn’t be happier for him.” (Why did that sound so insincere?) She tries to help him kick off a comedy career, but no one is laughing. It was so un-funny, in fact, that we completely forgot to mention this on the podcast. In other news, Luann is drinking again and we’re evilly delighting in her fall from grace. What is it about someone like Luann that makes you just want to knock her off her throne? (Maybe because she thinks is on a throne?) Her friends also seem happy, probably because they think it makes them look less like alcoholics, by comparison. And speaking of drinking, Sonja’s not doing it–except for tea and soup (WTF?). Dorinda is a “full-figured size 6” and Brianna wants to rage text her about it. We look forward to next week, although neither of us can remember what happened in the preview (#WeedIsLegalInCA). Stay safe! Rate! Review! Subscribe! Share! 

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