#46 Real Housewives of New York, Season 12, Episode 8: If You Can’t Take the Heat, Get Out of the Russian Bath House

In the New York equivalent of Atlanta-level shade, Leah invites the OLG downtown to join her for a “spa day” at a sketchy-looking Russian bathhouse. Of course, they’re terrified (and we’re here for it). Tinsley won’t hand over her jewelry to the clerk with the flimsy-looking safety deposit box and who can blame her? Jordan breaks it down for us…would you leave $200k at that front desk? Next, Dorinda gets an intervention, but turns it right back around on Ramona (who deserves it, but hello—defensive much?), instead of trying to pick up what they’re putting down. This iconic episode ends with Dorinda in full meltdown mode at a “networking party” at Ramona’s apartment and Sonja’s revelation that Ramona was fat-shaming her. Rate! Review! Subscribe! Share! Stay safe out there. XO

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