#52 Below Deck Med, Season 5, Ep. 3: The Italian’s Job

Well, Captain Sandy didn’t fire her, but she’s gone. Whether she was a production plant or not, Lara was definitely the bitchiest second stew the Below Deck franchise has seen yet. Maybe she’s a great actress. If so, she definitely has a future in film (if the role involves playing a mega-bitch on a mega-yacht). Meanwhile, back on the yacht, Pete’s got a problem with authority, at least when it comes to Malia. It speaks volumes when he shares that he was inspired by a female Domino’s owner he knew. Not because she was a great leader, but because if a woman could do it, he OBVIOUSLY could (our inference, but that’s what we do—we drink and we know things). How’s that working out for you now, deckhand? Any pizza empires in your future? That’s what we thought. Rate! Review! Subscribe! Share! XO

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