#56 Below Deck Med, Season 5, Ep. 5: Bringing the Thunder

Bugs is back. Although she says (like five times) that she’s “bringing the thunder,” she’s basically a class-A ass kisser and Captain Sandy could not be happier about it (which is good, since everyone else seems to be pissing her off this season). The captain follows the new second stew around, loudly complimenting her every move and making everyone else feel uncomfortable. Although Hannah’s pretty put out with the captain, she seems genuinely happy about Bugs’ er, ahem, “great” table decor, finally realizing that her top-notch performance makes them all look better. Jess is worried that she might lose ground with Hannah, but she’s so dickmatized by Rob that she quickly forgets about it. With the exception of Scout, the guests on this charter are rude and entitled AF, leaving Hannah to mutter “I hate my job” under her breath. We see why, given that she’s basically a combination maid/waitress on a floating hotel. Seems like the perfect time for retirement!

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