#62 Below Deck Med, Season 5, Ep. 8: Rise and Don’t Shine

It feels like Captain Sandy is playing a Below Deck version of Where’s Waldo, because she’s turning up in every scene. Kiko deals with the brunt of her hovering, on top of having to deal with Bugsy’s eye rolls over his sushi rolls. But It isn’t only Kiko’s skin that Bugsy is getting under. Even peaceful Jess goes at it with her, because she had the AUDACITY to ask her to try to enunciate more clearly over the radio. (We’re pretty sure you can guess who Sandy sided with in that bout!) Tensions also manifest between Malia and Rob, Sandy and Hannah, and even between the vegan demon and the poor innocent gluten-free pasta. Someone sage this boat, STAT! The negative energy has taken over.

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