#64 Below Deck Med, Season 5, Ep. 9: Viva Loss Vegas

There’s no other way to say it: This week’s episode of #BelowDeckMed pissed us off royally. Sure, go after Hannah, Sandy. She can handle it. But leave our Kiko alone! (We’re changing our name to “Kiko & Kibbitz,” ok?) This episode ruined any remaining tolerance or fond feelings left over from previous seasons. We’re done, Captain. Done, I say! Most everything else is up for spirited debate. Was Malia’s “rescue” overdramatized? Did Hannah sabotage Kiko? Is Jess getting scapegoated? So. Many Questions. See if you agree with Brianna or Jen (there’s only one right answer here…you decide which one it is!). Rate! Review! Subscribe! Share! Stay safe everyone! Air kisses! XO

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