#66 Real Housewives of Potomac, Season 5, Ep. 1: Old Testaments, New Revelations

The Potomac ladies are back and it’s off to a shady start. Good thing nothing has changed, despite all the damn babies. Gizelle is back with her ex-husband, cheater/pastor Jamal, and we’re dubious. Once a cheater, right? Certainly once a hypocrite… In other marital news, Karen admits that her marriage is on the skids, Robyn and Juan are back–no, never mind. SSDD. Ashley and Michael are still gross, Candiace’s husband is still acceptable (for a Real Househusband), and she’s still ghetto fabulous. And, of course, Monique and Chris are still rich as hell and charming, to boot. (#relationshipgoals) What’s more, Monique can potty train a bird AND a four-month-old at the same time, while taking care of two bigger kids and somehow managing to look ah-maze-ing (nothing new there!). It’s off to a roaring start and looks like it will be an explosive season!

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