#76 Below Deck Med, Season 5, Ep. 13, Featuring Below Deck OG Chief Stew Adrienne Gang!

Some of you remember her as the first Chief Stew ever on the first season of Below Deck, while others know her from her recent Reddit threads clarifying some of the technicalities of “Maritime Law.” Adrienne Gang joins Brianna and Jen to walk them through everything from how Below Deck came to be (did you know she helped develop the show years before the first season?) all of the way to what’s happening during this fecal fest of a season. Was Malia out of bounds to go into Hannah’s bag and pull out her medication and take a picture? Was Captain Sandy obligated to fire Hannah? How real is Below Deck, anyway? Most importantly: would she do it all again? Get ready for some v-e-r-y candid opinions and surprising (and hilarious) answers in this super-sized episode. And follow Adrienne on all social media platforms at @AdrienneGang!

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