#80 Real Housewives of New York, Season 12, Ep. 21: Viva La Dysfunction

Viva La Diva! It’s the #RHONY finale and Jordan’s farewell is a moving rendition of Luann’s new single. Let it not be said that there is nothing we won’t do for you, dear listeners. This was kind of a sweet episode, as far as most of the relationships were concerned. Legitimate exception: DORINDA. Girl, we just can’t with you and it seems like the Bravo editors feel the same way. We also get treated to Sonja’s drag party (where she’s pissed at Ramona for bringing a straight guy—her sloppy seconds, as usual—and she takes the mic to let everyone know), Lu-man doing her thing as often as she can co-opt the mic, and Leah just…fitting in?! That took a turn! But in the end, it was an iconic season—one of the best ever. One big, drunk slumber party. And we’re here for it. Onto the reunion and then goodbye till next time. Sniff. Wild ride. Have a great week and tune in for #RHOP and #BelowDeckMed!

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