#82 Real Housewives of Potomac, Season 5, Ep. 6: Look Who’s Squawking

The Potomac ladies are…fishing? Yes! And it’s hilarious. It’s like these women have never been outside before. That said, we completely agree with Candiace that bugs are unacceptable. (It will probably be the only time we agree with her, so let’s all relish the moment.) After the ridiculous finger-pointing fight with Ashley, Wendy finally sort of/kind of/maybe apologizes. She explains her perspective, which is legitimately complicated (because of her premature baby). Of course, none of it was Ashley’s fault. Ashley was gaslighted into bringing baby Dean after Michael made her feel like she’d be a bad mom for leaving him for a weekend. DUDE. But then we find out that maybe there was a reason he delivered this guilt trip—like the STRIP CLUB. Once again, the rumor mill is buzzing with allegations that this scumbag (we dare anyone to say they like him) has his iron in other fires, besides Ashley’s traumatized naughty bits. Can’t wait until next week! Hope you’ll join us then. Let us know how you feel about #RHOP this season so far! Tweet us or tag us on IG (@kikiandkibbitz both places). We look forward to hearing from you!

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