#84 Below Deck Mediterranean, Season 5, Ep. 16: Cool as a Cucumber

Be it yutz, putz, dick, prick, or git…when it comes to Tom they all seem to fit. Brianna and Jen treat you to another ragecast. But this time, there’s yet another crew member pissing us off. As Captain Lee would say, the whole thing has us madder than pissed on chickens. Rob and Jessica are back on their love boat, but it only lasts as long as he’s not cozying up to Aesha. The brooding gaslighter runs so hot and cold that Jessica doesn’t know whether to pack a bikini or a fur coat for Bali. Malia’s decided she doesn’t have time to supervise Rob, but considering she only manages three employees that doesn’t say much for her leadership abilities. Maybe if she spent a little less time in the galley she’d have a few minutes to spare. Tom is the most deserving of our venom, considering that he won’t stop swearing after being forced to get up and do his job instead of enjoying afternoon delight with Malia. We thought we missed Kiko before, but now we want him back more than ever. (Note: Brianna had a bit of a sound issue with her mic–hope you’ll forgive us this time as we fix the problem!)

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