#87 Real Housewives of New York City, Season 12, Reunion Part 3

That’s a wrap for Season 12 of RHONY! Reunion Part 3 was Sonja’s time to shine. Though we know now that Century 21 folded, her digs at Ramona for fat-shaming her were epic. Andy is not above crawling on the ground for HW text receipts, but Dorinda and Ramona are at a stalemate in their friendship, and it’s hard to decide who’s worse. Luann gets a half-apology from Mrs. Medley (progress!), while freshman Leah is still *sniffing* out her loyalties with these ladies. Is this the final farewell for Dorinda, or a C U Next Season?

Season 12 isn’t quite over for Kiki & Kibbitz, though! Join us next week for a very special RHONY guest–you’ll never guess who, but it will be JUICY. See you then!

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