#88 Below Deck Med, Season 5, Ep. 18: A Real Handful

On this week’s episode of Below Deck Med, we jump right in where last week’s left off—with the demon baby chef man throwing a big tantrum. While at one point, this might have made us mad, we’re so jaded at this point (is this the 100th episode of the season?), that we just see it as amusing karma for Malia, who’s scrambling to save his juvenile arse from himself. After Tom yells at Bugsy, Captain Sandy tells her off, too, for enabling the crazed Englishman. We felt so sorry for Bugs that we almost forgot why we didn’t like her before this season. But we were gleeful once again when the Captain put him on blast in front of the crew. She loses her composure and gets a little emotional. But serves her right—she’s lost control and they’re all going down with the ship. As befits almost every episode, the guests are horrific monsters who behave in ways that rabid dogs would find shockingly aggressive. Most monstrous of all might be Rob, however. The dude with the way-too-aggressive face is gaslighting Jessica by making her appear irrationally jealous. But is it irrational? Spoiler alert: NO.

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