#96 90 Day Fiancé The Other Way, Season 2, Ep. 16: The Consequences of Truth

It’s so hard to decide who’s the most irritating cast member on this episode: Ariela? Deavan? Cheese Dick? So. Many. Options. It’s definitely not Jihoon, who brings up the most important issue of all—Americans’ dirty anals. We agree that if we all had bidets, the world would be a cleaner, less-offensive place. This episode also begged the question—without botox, why don’t some of these women’s faces move (we’re looking at you, Deavan, Melyza, and Melyza’s mom!)? Even more important, do we have to move out of the country to save money on botox? Inquiring minds want to know. In other news, Ari and Bini have their baby, Armando and Kenny are the most beautiful couple in the history of the show, Devan and Jihoon don’t know how to wash a rug, Brittany and Yazan make no sense (duh), and Melyza gaslights Tim. Let us know what you think about the episode! Leave us a voice message at https://anchor.fm/kikiandkibbitz/message or message us on Twitter or Instagram at @KikiandKibbitz!

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