#97 Below Deck Mediterranean, Season 5: Reunion, Part 1

We’re in the final stretch, kids! Part 1 of the Below Deck Med Reunion is in the bag (and so are Jen and Brianna). This episode was *mostly* amusing, with the exception of the compulsive liar, Capt. Sandy, who continues to PISS US OFF. (We know we’re not alone in this!) Jen even provides hard evidence to contradict Sandy’s statement that she didn’t judge Hannah for not working in yachting outside of filming…Um, hay-lo, you said that in a recent article in Vanity Fair, lady! Andy does ask some of the tough questions (and Hannah does a great job of not answering them, too). Lots of areas remain to discuss—so tune in next week for our hard-hitting analysis. In the meantime, wear your life jackets and feel free to leave us a voice message at https://anchor.fm/kikiandkibbitz/message. We look forward to hearing from you.

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