Alternate Universes: Below Deck Reunion, Part 1

I hope you’re prepared to be transported to a parallel existence, where the faces seem similar, but the perspectives are wildly topsy-turvy. I was woefully unprepared. The crazy guest montage seems downright sane in comparison to the course this reunion took. So make sure you’re strapped in, and keep some Dramamine within arm’s reach.

The struggles of Simone are our first port of call. Production seems to be on the revisionist-history boat, as well, because they failed to include the clip of Simone saying she’d never get tired of doing laundry. A good manager utilizes his or her staff in the areas that are their strong suits. That is exactly what Kate did. She was right to tell Simone to take a class if she wanted to be trained. There was no need for Kate to train her in this instance, because Courtney did the job of service extremely well and effortlessly. The “green” replacement stew analogy that Simone proposed doesn’t apply here. Neither she nor Courtney were replacements.

Our next stop is an island we’re all too familiar with…A-Island, where the A-named bosun is being an A-word. Many nouns can fit that bill, but I’m leaning towards the “donkey chapeau” version. In a conversation on bullying, Ashton reaches back to last season when Caroline was literally put on blast. While it wasn’t a shining moment for Kate, it was the culmination of frustration at Caroline’s unwillingness to get out of bed and do her job. In my opinion, it’s not the same town, county, or even state as what Ashton repeatedly did to Rhylee throughout the season.

We dock next at Chef island and Kevin and Kate are actually much more forgiving and introspective than I’d have expected. The level of sincerity is certainly up for debate, but at least some ownership was taken. Since my bar of expectation was on the ground, Kevin easily jumped over it.

Our next destination is the isle of Lost Love. Courtney handled the whole situation with aplomb. She communicated her position clearly and didn’t allow Brian to wriggle his way out of her well-crafted points. This was the first time I felt the world was right side up again. Tanner and Simone were hookup honeys only, so I was less interested in rehashing that until Tanner’s mom became a topic. At that point, I looked very much like a dog hearing a high-pitched whistle with my head tilted and ears on alert. Not much of a payoff though, so you’ll have to peruse Rhylee’s Twitter account to get the deets.

The show ends with a preview of Part 2, and Captain Lee walking off set. I can’t blame him. He’s a man of integrity and a moral code, and anything outside of the brus accepting full culpability for their wretched behavior would send me overboard as well.

Thank you for sailing along with me. We’ll see if the ship can be righted and resemble the season we all witnessed with our own eyes in Part 2.

4 thoughts on “Alternate Universes: Below Deck Reunion, Part 1”

  1. Great Blog!!! I did feel like I was listening to some immature college boys explaining away their actions at a frat party at times actually! “It wasn’t “that” bad”….. “I was drunk ergo, I can’t be held accountable….” It was embarrassing, just like their behavior for most of this season!😳

    1. I agree, Linda. Accountability is not their forte’ at all. Although Kevin did seem much more reflective than the others. Maybe because he’s a parent, or maybe because he wants his job back. Either way, he surprised me.

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