And The #1 Bravo Relationship Shit Show of the Week Is…the Edmonds!

Congrats to Jim and Meghan Edmonds! They’ve dominated my thoughts this week, and that’s exactly what they wanted. I’m watching their marriage implode over Instagram posts and magazine interviews, and asking myself why do they want the world to see this? It’s clear they have no communication–they’re posting at each other, through us. I feel like a kid caught in their divorce. “Tell your father to keep his hands off the nanny!” “Tell your mother I’ve worked hard to protect this family!” Yikes. 

And now, this week, there’s a report of Jim calling the cops on Meghan because he was “concerned” about their kids. Apparently, she came to pick them up from him one night (with a designated driver) and she was pretty tipsy. Messy.

That’s why I chose the Edmonds as our #1 Bravo Relationship Shit Show in Episode 7 this week!

When they joined RHOC, Jim had studied the Kelsey Grammer playbook from RHOBH. They lived separate lives in separate cities. He was cold and disinterested. He talked down to her like a child and made it clear he didn’t even want another child. He was setting Meghan up for the fame she desperately craved, à la Camille, while he moved on. 

Money is at play now. He has three toddlers with Meghan, on top of four kids grown kids from previous marriages. How far will his (publicly guestimated) $35M net worth stretch? Fellow baseball legend-turned-sports commentator A-Rod (better known as J.LO’S FIANCE) requested a reduction in child support earlier this year, and he’s worth a lot more than Jim. 

I hate to admit that Vicki was right about Jim & Meghan. I hate to admit that Vicki was ever right about anything. I have a feeling this media battle will force a quiet, lucrative settlement, and that we haven’t seen the last of Meghan on RHOC. Hell hath no fury like a Real Housewife scorned. 

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