Below Deck Med: Anchors Aweigh And Leave Lara On The Dock

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been on tenterhooks all week awaiting this confrontation. However, as in most situations where your sights are set too high, it starts off with a bit of a let down. As Captain Sandy tries to draw an analogy about how she and Hannah started off roughly and were able to reset, Lara jumps in with a snip, “Oh, really as well?” and a laugh. That did not go over well with Sandy and it was the most infinitesimal bit of what Hannah has been on the receiving end of. The Captain implores them to hit the reset button and try again. After agreeing, Lara has the unmitigated gall to ask for an apology from Hannah. Following a brief moment of shock, Hannah offers one specifically for her frustration, and Lara offers one in return. Call me a cynic, but I don’t think nearly enough of Lara’s behaviors were addressed for this to hit home or for Hannah to have any confidence in things improving.

As Hannah and Sandy are leaving, the Captain reminds her that they’re going to start fresh and that she needs to make Lara her 2nd for the next charter. An audible sigh of exasperation tells us all we need to know about how Hannah sees the next charter going. They get down to business of turning the boat over and Jessica finishes early and opts to tan on deck in the itsy bitsiest of bikinis. If it had yellow polka dots, it would have been straight out of a Brian Hyland song. She won me over with her self deprecating nature as she said, “Based on the stereotype that you can’t be smart and pretty…..I forgot the second half of that.” Gotta love a gal who is pretty and funny. Rob tried to act like the fact that she was reading a book added even more depth to the attraction, but I’m pretty sure it was the depth of cleavage that maintained his gaze.

Sure, Rob, it’s the book you’re looking at.

At the preference sheet meeting we learn that the next primary will be Roy Orbison Jr. Showing my age a little here, but I love his dad’s music. I was also a fan of Ace of Base back in the day, so hearing his friend Ulf Ekberg is joining him is a bonus. Kiko’s excited too because he plays guitar and is looking forward to what he hopes will be a musical charter. As long as he knows more songs than Georgia on BDSY, I’m game to hear him play.

We learn a little bit more about Pete as he and Lara talk in the crew mess. What begins with thirsty muscle selfies ends in a touching moment as he shares that his father has been diagnosed with cancer. It was heart-breaking to hear how he’s struggling with seeing someone he cares so much about be so sick.

The crew heads out for a night on the town and some much needed downtime before the next charter begins. Discussion around the table turns to the female led crew and Alex thinks it’s really refreshing. Pete tries to jump in, but his feet land in his mouth instead of on solid ground when he shares how inspired he was by a female franchise owner he worked for. That sounds complimentary and sincere, until he throws in that it made him feel like if she could do it, he could. My southpaw husband won’t be pleased at my turn of phrase, but that was a left-handed compliment if ever I heard one.

Replace “resting” in RBF and replace it with “constant” or CBF.

Malia is embarrassed that she broke down in front of everyone and Rob assures her that it was real and that’s what made it good. She also makes an attempt to smooth things over between Lara and Hannah by having a talk with her. In truth I think she did more harm than good. Lara’s blaming it on not knowing Hannah outside the work environment, but as connected at the hip as Lara and Pete had been all night, there weren’t many opportunities. Hannah has her own share of the blame though in passive aggressively continuing to talk about Lara to Kiko when Lara’s less than six feet away.

After a display of public urination by Alex, the crew calls it a night. Early the next morning we see Lara tiptoe out of her cabin, shoes in hand. An early morning jog perhaps? A moment of meditation as dawn breaks over the water? Nope and nope. Actually for a while no one knows where she’s gone. Hannah feels like she’s been time-warped back to the “June, June. Hannah” days as she repeatedly radios for Lara with no response. It’s not until Captain Sandy herself calls out for the crew to meet that we hear Lara’s voice over the radio requesting the Captain meet her on the dock.

As Captain Sandy reaches the rear of the boat she asks Lara if she will meet her up there, to which Lara shakes her head no. That “eff you” attitude that Sandy picked up on earlier is on full display, only this time the Captain is going to give it back with a smile. As she shared with my friend Brianna in a birthday cameo she did for her…that’s called finesse. Lara says that she would like to leave and that’s it not working for her. Captain Sandy gladly takes her radio from her and tells her someone will be out with her things shortly.

She calls the crew into the galley and lets them know Lara is leaving and chalks it up to some people not being cut out for yachting. Pete looks like someone just threw his security blanket into a wood chipper. There are actual tears flowing. I felt a little less like a cold and heartless human when Alex laughs in the confessional that Pete’s barely known her for twelve hours and doesn’t even know her last name. In truth, he didn’t know her first name either for most of the time because he called her Lana for the first part of the episode.

Keep an eye on that nanny.

Goodbye and good riddance as far as I’m concerned. With only two hours before the guests arrive, there’s little time to even care that she’s gone. The Pack and Play crib set up is a struggle for Hannah and Jessica, so Alex calls Pete to help and tells them Pete’s a dad, which takes them both by surprise. With the skill of someone who’s done it a time or twenty before, Pete has the crib up in no time flat.

Roy Jr. and his family arrive and it’s anchors aweigh, my friends. While Kiko’s lunch goes smoothly despite the unfortunate deflated slide decor, the seas are rough and they’re forced to head back to dock. Musicians arrive to accompany the Spanish themed tapas dinner, and aside from Hannah almost forgetting they were there, it goes off without a hitch.

The next morning Pete is back to his old ways and his deferential “boss” and sarcastic “master” monikers for Malia have reverted to the “sweetheart” days of yore. Captain Sandy asks Malia up to the bridge to see how things are going and Malia casually brings it up. As a woman in a male dominated industry, I’m sure Sandy has had to deal with this more times than she cares to count and decides to nip it in the bud right away. She calls the guys to the bridge and lays down the law. Plain and simple, it’s about respect, and if the guys aren’t up to the task of offering it, they can leave. From the looks of the previews, none of them take her up on her offer. And speaking of offers, one is being made for Lara’s position to a familiar face. Anxious to see if the rumors are true about who it is. I hope you’ll join me next week when we find out!

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