Below Deck Med: Hola, Mallorca

Bienvenidos a Mallorca! We’re set to launch on another adventure with Captain Sandy and crew. After a Below Deck season of aggro males and a rough start for Sailing Yacht, I’m anxious to see what happens when women take the lead. The Wellington is 184.5 ft long and it’s not only the largest that Sandy has captained, but also the largest we’ve seen in all three shows in the franchise. Hannah is back in the Chief Stew position and despite their rough ending last season she and Captain Sandy seem to be starting off on the right foot.

Malia rounds out the female leads and returns as bosun this season. Love triangles are all behind her now and she’s focused solely on the industry. She’s even studied up on the engineering side and has gotten her Captain’s license since we last saw her. She and Hannah had an up and down relationship when they last worked together, but seem to be looking for a fresh start. Sharing lead roles on the yacht might be just the common ground they need to bond. They’re also sharing a cabin, which has the potential to blossom or doom the bloom of friendship.

The Wellington. Huge, but still has an ugly master bath.

The interior is rounded out with Lara as 2nd stew, and Jessica as 3rd. Lara is Italian and has 7 or 8 years of yachting experience including having been chief stewardess. This instantly gives Hannah flashbacks of Bugsy and she hopes history doesn’t repeat itself. Jessica has worked on four yachts before, so at least she’s not completely green. She listed what felt like about twenty other careers she’s tried, and considering she’s still fairly young, I’m not sure how long she lasted at each. Hopefully this isn’t yet another job hop. She seems light-hearted and fun though, but maybe a teensy bit selfie obsessed.

Malia’s deck crew consists of Pete as lead deck hand, along with Rob and Alex. Pete has been a captain and a bosun, so this is a step down for him, and I’m interested to see if Malia will be subjected to any mansplaining. She’s already getting the “sweetheart” treatment which isn’t the best moniker to show respect to your superior. Alex and Jessica just finished working together in West Palm, so they have a built-in rapport. Rob’s got boatmance eyes for Jessica and so far they have cig breaks in common. (I have corny dad jokes in common with him, so I’m looking forward to his comic relief.)

Hindrigo or “Kiko” as he’s referred to finishes out the crew roster. He’s a Brazilian chef who has spent most of his time working on private yachts. He finds that scenario much easier than cooking on charters because you have a chance to get to know the owner and really fine tune their preferences. I’m excited to see what he brings to the table.

Mallorca…yes, Peter, it’s an island.

The ship is turned over in a day and ready to welcome charter guest Chris, his sister Jessica, and some of his friends. They seem very laid back until it comes time to sit for lunch and they’re left waiting for 20 minutes before any food comes out. Whenever the editors add a timestamp on screen, you know something is being screwed up. I realize they had charcuterie when they boarded, but even Red Lobster puts out rolls to nosh on while you wait.

After their lunch Captain Sandy quizzes them on how it was. I realize that she’s a little gun shy after Mila, but it’s really more Hannah’s role to check on that. I hope that it’s a one-off and that it doesn’t set a trend for her micro-managing ways in earlier seasons. After she tries it herself, she declares it delicious. Kiko feels like he passed his first test in impressing her.

I’m not sure if it’s a language or personality barrier or pre-judgment on their parts, but Lara and Hannah are not hitting it off. Lara seems to think that it’s because she’s always calm and people mistake it for attitude. I think it might be that she’s questioned almost every decision or statement that Hannah has made. Hannah’s had other 2nd stews come for her before, and I feel like Lara’s constant backtalk is being interpreted as that.

Gauntlet thrown

Things don’t improve when it’s time for dinner and Hannah relegates Lara to cabins. Lara, it seems, doesn’t appreciate doing 3rd stew work after so many years in the industry. It’s the first day of the first charter and she’s already got an attitude. Maybe Hannah wasn’t so far off base in her assumptions.

The meal is filet mignon with truffle risotto and once again Captain Sandy is popping up to see what they think. The primary is the only one unhappy with the meat and thinks it’s dry, so the Captain takes the plate personally back to Kiko to have him make another one. He does so with no complaint and the primary is happy and so is the Captain.

Who remains unhappy though are Hannah and Lara. Hannah radios Lara to help Jessica clear the aft deck, but she is eating and wasn’t listening to the request, then didn’t make it clear that she didn’t hear it. Hannah begins to do the job herself and then when she bumps into Lara, asks her again in person and Lara walks off to do it with no acknowledgement. Hannah is being a little nit-picky here and wants a verbal “okay.” Lara’s stance is that if Hannah’s going to be mean to her, she’s going to be mean back.

We’re off to a bit of a rough start, but based on the previews they ended the show with, we’re in for a wild and fun voyage as well. I hope you’ll continue to join me, and be sure to check out the Kiki & Kibbitz podcast that Brianna and I will be doing this season!

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  1. Fun blog, chief stew! I also wonder whether it’s language or personality or both, as the reasons why Hannah and Lara aren’t getting along. Can we please take a K&K trip to Mallorca when this damn pandemic is over?

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