Below Deck S7 Reunion Pt.2: All Good Things Must Come To An End, And Some May Be Permanent

The signs and omens I had been receiving all weekend should have warned me of what was to come. The preview trailer with Captain Lee walking off and the insane doubling down on Twitter and Insta from Brian towards Courtney made me wary, but I still didn’t waver. My sinus infection and bout of vertigo couldn’t derail me either. I was on a mission to see this insane season through to the end. My better angels had protective interests in mind, but like many wayward souls before me, I trod boldly into hell undaunted.

Not everyone is going to agree with my thoughts on this reunion and some of its participants (and even the moderator.) I don’t expect people to see the show as I do. I can only give my perspective, so here we go.

Andy Cohen has always been Mr. Bravo to me. It was he, through Bravo TV, who brought me into the Real Housewives realm 14 years ago. I’ve eaten, breathed, and scarily enough even dreamed all things Bravo ever since. That respect and deference is due and given. Now comes the ample-sized “but.” There has been a significant shift over the past year for me when it comes to Andy. He’s always shown favoritism on some level towards cast members, whether on reunions or WWHL. It hasn’t always aligned with my own, but I could usually understand or be able to rationalize why he felt the way he did.

That all ended during this two part reunion.

I have no explanation for why he took such an overt stance on the side of those whom I perceive to be the wrong-doers this season. The alternate universe I spoke of in last week’s blog not only continued, but became more surreal. Whether he believes that the boys’ actions weren’t offensive, or whether it’s the fear of a looming specter of litigiousness, or an unknown intangible my mind can’t fathom is unclear. I just know that as a viewer….it sucked.

Ashton trying to somehow equate Kate drunkenly tossing pants on the floor with his vile and outrageous behavior was laughable. Apologizing while justifying or excusing equals insincerity…period. That’s a kind of verbal math, so hopefully Simone gets it too considering she was smirking and huffing along with the boys as the show went on.

Captain Lee walking off was every bit on par with my own emotions as I watched smug faces and arrogant attitudes utter meaningless words of apology with no semblance of sincerity in their wake. Cap is more professional a cat than I, however, because the apology he issued was one of the few I felt was undue.

Courtney was an absolute rock star. Firm, articulate, and unwavering in her commitment to get her point across. Mazel to her. Happy to see her not be cowered by aggression or the twisting of her words.

Rhylee seems to be genuinely aware of her weaknesses in communication. If she is willing to work on those, she’ll be a great asset in future seasons.

I read last night that this voyage was Kate’s last as Chief Stew. I was gutted like an Alaskan cod on the deck of one of Rhylee’s excursions. I’m happy for her new adventure, but will miss her RBF and her acerbic wit. I’m hoping Cap sticks around, because the loss of both would rock my world harder than my vertigo currently is.

As we close the book on this season, I wish to say thank you to the crew I love, adios to those I don’t, and much gratitude to all of you who take the time to read and watch along with me. As the Captain is known to say, “Fair winds and following seas.”

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    1. Thanks, Linda. The whole reunion was really frustrating. I’d love to see Bravo bring in other moderators for a change. Andy seems to let his personal biases cloud what’s covered. This was one of the most glaring examples of it that I’ve seen. It’s getting worse, not better.

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