Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Ending on a High Note

We immediately pick up with Captain Glenn pulling Nicole aside to discuss the potential of a guest’s cocaine use. I don’t know if she’s playing dumb or not, but she asks Glenn who he’s referring to. He lets her know more than one crew member saw white powder under Billy’s nose and again she acts surprised. He explained that he wanted to notify her first as she’s the primary, but he’s going to have to talk to Billy.

When confronted, Billy completely denies it and swears on his mother’s grave that he did not bring drugs on the boat. If he had sworn on her life, I’d be googling to make sure she’s still okay, because there was a whole lot of sniffing going on. Glenn proceeds to go through Billy’s luggage in his cabin with Madison as a witness. He searches through everything, even the Gold Bond powder, but comes up with nothing. I find it a wee bit odd that he didn’t search Billy himself as it’s not too difficult to hide a tiny vial on your person, but I’m not sure of the legality of doing so in international waters.

Search, but no seizure.

Glenn is disappointed that the search wasn’t fruitful, because it definitely sets an awkward tone. Instead of going out on a high note for the last charter, there’s an all too apparent dampening of the mood with the guests. Nicole is really flustered by the whole thing and Billy is all but in a rage and completely offended and decides to confront the captain.

He tells Glenn that his luxury vacation is ruined because of the accusations and admits to being really drunk the first night, but swears that was all. I’m not sure what cocktail you snort in a bathroom, but it must be some hip new thing that I’m too old to know about. I was glad that Glenn chose not to back down and pointed out that just because he didn’t find anything doesn’t mean it wasn’t or still isn’t on board. Billy walks off in a huff, and it looks like a Paget and Georgia duet won’t be the only sour note we’re left with.

Jenna and Adam bond yet again over her chastising the underlings for not wet swiffering the hallway to the galley. It’s a sick little dynamic that they’ve got going on, but in truth I wouldn’t want to foist either of them on any decent percent, so they really are a good match.

Paget and Jeannette eked out a win.

Glenn hopes to change the mood with the regatta he has planned for the guests. Byron laments that he’s stuck with Billy as his boat partner, but they take an early lead over Paget and Jeannette. Unfortunately, when it came to making the turn around the fender, Billy and Byron’s boat capsizes. They right their ship and resume the race, but not before Paget and Jeannette manage to take and hold the lead. The mood after the race was definitely lighter and drug search blues seem to have fallen overboard.

Adam wows the group with yet another great meal and the next morning it’s time to see the guests off the boat. Accusations don’t seem to have ruined the trip for Nicole and her friends because they left behind a hefty tip of $15,000. Over the season each crew member earned over 16,000 dollars and as a whole they raked in 143,000 in tips total. What may have seemed like an utterly janky and disfunctional crew from a viewer’s standpoint must’ve come off better in person.

As the season winds down Jenna tries to save face and have a heart to heart with her interior. Georgia finally takes a direct shot at Jenna and all I can say is it’s about time. Jenna tried to downplay the joking and express that she was okay with it. Georgia zings back that it’s because Jenna was the one doing the bullying. Jenna immediately tries to deflect and act like she was bullied too. Well editors…please roll that beautiful bean footage if it’s available, because we sure didn’t see it. Pretty sure it’s just another case of Jenna’s delusions.

Big understatement. Huge.

Before they all part ways Georgia feels the need to unburden herself to Ciara about the crush she’s had on Paget. Normally I’d think this was stupid, but since Ciara will be seeing all of the confessionals at some point, I kind of get it in this instance. I don’t think it went quite how Georgia pictured it though, as Ciara simply told her that she already knew and then pretty much went silent. And here I was thinking the drug search was awkward.

They all go out for one finally crew dinner and Glenn compliments all of them and expresses how they’ve all become like family. He leaves them to enjoy themselves, and shocking to no one who’s been watching, Georgia breaks out her guitar. Paget declares himself her biggest fan and requests a song he can’t remember the name of. I had to think to myself whether there was even more than one that we’ve heard. Ciara echoes my sentiments and says in a confessional that if she never has to hear it again, it will be too soon.

The next morning everyone says their goodbyes one by one and Georgia before leaving asks Paget to go talk on the fly bridge. Once again she awkwardly expresses her feelings and how nice it was to meet someone who gets her. Paget is a gentleman and lets her down easy and even makes a plea to the camera hoping someone will see what he sees in her.

With the goodbyes complete our final scene is of Adam and Jenna traveling around in his van. I’m guessing it’s the show’s way of saying all’s well that ends well, but I’m kind of hoping they get lost on their travels and don’t make it back to the show next year. Madison could take over in the chief stew role and would totally rock it. I appreciate you all joining me this season and hope to see you when Below Deck Med starts next week!

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