Below Deck Sailing Yacht Ep.3: Vegans Vexing Adam And Stormy Relationship Seas

We pick up exactly where we left off on Below Deck Sailing Yacht, with the crew heading to their bunks after hot tub karaoke. Contrary to what the preview led us to believe, Adam and Jenna re-enacted a Journey song and went their separate ways. Not only did they not do the deed, but it was Adam who stopped it cold. How refreshing was it to see him hit the brakes after a season of Below Deck Thailand d!ckhands going full throttle? I was already warming up to the show, now I’m all in.

Adam declares he woke up still drunk and Jenna woke up in her bikini. I expected the exchange to be much more awkward, but they’re acting like adults about it and I’m confused as to how this show made it past the pilot. Not Bravo’s norm as of late and I’m kind of living for it.

Captain Glenn goes over the preference sheets for the next charter and adorably mispronounces “vegan” and wonders with hand motions and all how they milk almonds. I’m a fan. Hard-working, a little goofy…what a great addition to the already superb duo of Captains we have now. Table for three, plus me.

Apparently vegans propose an even bigger threat to Adam than onion-haters. He seems to have learned his lesson somewhat and isn’t sneaking any meat into the food, although some might find it a tad passive-aggressive to serve giant slabs of filet to the non-vegan guests sitting inches away.

Madison seems to have a wee bit of a crush on Parker. Drawing air-hearts in talking head interviews and staying up late to get her one on one time with him might be the perfect recipe to his heart. We’ll have to stay as tuned as his ukulele to know for sure.

Georgia is anything but crushing on Adam, unless it’s in regard to crushing his nether region. She’s not a fan of him treating her as incompetent rather than inexperienced. She discusses it with Jenna, who professionally tells her not to take it personally and then within nanoseconds unprofessionally runs to Adam and tells him how she shut Georgia down. When Adam confronts Georgia about it, she wisely realizes what caused him to bring it up, & the trust between her and Jenna loses one of its mooring lines.

Other lines that need tending are the lines of communication between Paget and Ciara. Despite being a couple for four years, working in the same department is adding more tension than the knot may be able to bear. Workplace romances are often a struggle, but the close quarters they share may work even harder against them. It already seems like the reassuring words coming out of Ciara’s mouth don’t match the daggers shooting from her eyes. Right now those daggers are aimed at Georgia while Paget jokes about open relationships with her as she togafies him. If this is Paget not flirting as Ciara professes, I can’t wait to see what actual flirting looks like.

With 3 knot winds, the ship meanders along slowly for the rest of the episode, until the deck couple clashes yet again over tasks left incomplete. Next week the ship is literally and figuratively rocking with more rough winds and emotions. Hope to see you then!

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