Below Deck Sailing Yacht: The Great White Powder Mystery

It’s a wee bit shameful how excited I’ve been for this showdown between Glenn and Jenna. As is the case with most overanticipated things, it didn’t turn out quite like I had hoped. She outright lied to Glenn about her and Georgia being down at the same time, and tried to play off that she didn’t know what day he was referring to. He immediately pops back with, “Day 2” and selective amnesia kicks in on her part. With only one charter left it would admittedly be foolish for Glenn to give her the old heave-ho, but it was still frustrating to see her leave the room with her delusions intact. As far as the PDA with Adam goes, she seems to think that anything short of them having sex on the counter is fair game. Glenn clearly disagrees. He offers to speak to them as a couple if she’d like, but she opted just to stew about it and give Adam a false impression of the discussion.

The doctor arrives to examine Chris and after a few needles to the leg decides an MRI is in order. He also says that Chris isn’t fit to work until the results are back from the scan. Paget is completely frustrated because he’s gone from having a deckhand who was unable to do the job to a replacement who is also unable, albeit for very different reasons. Turning the boat over for the last charter is left up to Paget and Ciara and makes for a very long day.

Queen of Denial, Projection and Accountability Avoidance.

Jenna is still in her feelings about getting negative feedback from Glenn and decides to take it out on her favorite punching bag…Madison. Madison, who never went running to Glenn in the first place, decides if she’s going to be accused of doing so, then she might as well actually do it. Glenn sits them both down in the master and Jenna is even more obnoxious than she had been in her one on one. Glenn hasn’t been privy to this side of Jenna and finds it unacceptable. He thinks she’s defending the indefensible, but is over a barrel and can’t fire her, so the three of them part agreeing to just get through the last charter.

The primary for the final sail is Nicole Gary, a high end real estate broker from New York. Her main requests are a pink party with a 7 course meal on the first night, a mini regatta, and tiny vials with nostril sized spoons for her friend Billy. Okay, that last part isn’t true, but with all of the sniffing we hear from Billy’s cabin and the bathroom when he’s in there, it’s either that or he’s a firm believer in the power of nasal sprays.

Destroyer of Backs, Slayer of Hamstrings, and Crusher of Hands.

Chris went for his MRI and the results are in. He has a prolapsed disc at L5/S1. For those of you not married to spouses with chronic back issues, basically the disc is bulging and putting pressure on a nerve in his spinal cord. The location is what makes it a dilly as it not only causes discomfort in the area of the prolapse, but it also affects the nerves going down the leg. The doctor tells him that it’s unwise for him to lift anything and he should refrain from physical activity. Pretty much all that leaves him the ability to do is to help spot when they’re raising or lowering the sails, and doing anchor watch.

All of the hours spent in the sun the day before took their toll on Ciara and she’s now suffering from a mild case of heat stroke. I’m a ginger-blonde mix, and I can attest to the fact that the sun hates our guts. She’s in tears at the thought of the deck crew going from 3 to 1, but after some time to cool down and a nap, she’s recharged and ready to go.

Someone who is not ready to go is Nicole, who fell asleep on deck and slept right up to the time that the 7 course meal was scheduled for. Her guests go from irritated to straight up hangry as it takes her until after 10:15pm to shower and get ready. While the onus of the blame falls on her, any one of them could have done her the courtesy of waking her up, including Jenna. Despite the late start Adam produces a masterful pink themed meal that was so delicious Billy could only bring himself to leave the table once for a sniff fest.

Billy misunderstood the “Have a Coke and a Smile” commercial…allegedly

Jenna and Chris discuss the powder under Billy’s nose and Jenna decides to wait until the next morning to tell Glenn rather than waking him up. Glenn is less than pleased because in the worst case scenario the boat could be confiscated and he could lose his license if drugs are found on board. Without seeing the situation for himself, he’s unsure if it’s really cocaine or maybe Adderall, which is legally prescribed, so he decides to have a talk with the primary Nicole.

Next week is the finale and we’ll find out if the drug bust is a bust. Thank you for sticking with me throughout the season. I hope to see you next week!

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