Camp Getaway: Good Thing I Brought My Fan

Welcome back, Campers. I hope you’re like Glen and remembered your fan, because things get a little heated this week. We open with Gavin and Adam carpooling together. That’s right, after a phone call to David that included an apology, Adam is back. He says he’s willing to take anything they throw at him, including parking attendant duty. We get a chance later to see that the words weren’t empty promises either when he’s handed an odoriferous assignment.

Glen and Neely are also ride-sharing and this weekend happens to fall on what would normally be the annual reunion she has with her Miss USA 2016 pageant sisters. Rather than missing out on camp or the reunion, she’s invited her friends to come see her survival skills side.

So are the blurred faces like scribbling someone out in a yearbook?

Monica arrives and notices that something is very different. Room assignments are taped to each door. She isn’t bothered by it, because she isn’t in a room with Nile. Sophia isn’t too upset either, because she’s in a room with all guys…one of whom happens to be Adam. We got just a snippet of their date and neither she nor Adam wants to put the “dating” label on it, but both thought it went well.

Randall arrives with her parents (again) and her dad wheeling her luggage for her. I get being close to them and I get them driving you up there if you don’t drive or have your own car. What I don’t get is them walking you all of the way up to your cabin to stay for a nanosecond. As odd as it sounds, it would have been less weird to me if they had stayed longer and taken a tour or something.

Things are all hugs and smiles between David and Adam when they see each other in person, and Adam thanks him again for the second chance. Claire is feeling the pressure because this weekend there are fewer staffers than previous weekends to the tune of about fourteen less. She wants the group to know that they’re going to have more assignments than they are used to and need to spread themselves out as much as possible.

David then brings up the topic of Neely having guests and Neely goes on to share that they’re her pageant friends. She also shares how excited they are to meet everyone. I love Monica, but the girl has zero poker face. I’ve had harder times reading a Dr. Seuss book than I did that look on her face.

Monica sending up a quick prayer about camping with beauty queens.

During a moment of downtime between Adam, Gavin, and Nile we discover it wasn’t production trying to create drama with the room assignments…it was Nile. He decided to put them up so he didn’t have to room with Monica. I honestly feel like if it were a prank between a group that was getting along, it wouldn’t have been a big deal. Considering the tension is already thick, it was a dumb move, especially for someone with two strikes against him. He should be towing the line, in my opinion, rather than drawing them in the sand.

Things are pretty light and drama free throughout the evening. After helping the late arriving beauty queens settle in everyone calls it a night. We’re even treated to some night vision bed hopping footage with Adam and Sophia. Totally PG of course…it’s a kids’ camp during the week afterall. The next morning before they get their assignments, Adam spills the beans to most of them that it was Nile who posted the room assignments. Apparently since he couldn’t light Sophia’s fire the night before, he decided to toss a match on a different one.

Neely thinks it’s creating an unnecessary rift and Glen thinks it’s rude and wants to find a way to get Nile back. He couldn’t stand up to his bullies as a kid and he feels Nile is being one now. Monica tries to reach out and talk to Nile and he walks away and wants no part of it. No one should give energy to petulance like that and thankfully Monica doesn’t.

Adam’s promise to do whatever is put to the test when he and Gavin are called upon to plunge a clogged toilet. One of the many times that I’m glad no one ever created Smell-O-Vision. Gavin stepped way back and let Adam take the lead, and learned a quick lesson in PPE with the top of his T-shirt in the process. Adam completed the task like a champ, so there’s hope for him yet.

Improvisational PPE

Neely gets to shine in front of her friends on a survival hike. They gather sticks along the way for the fire from flint lesson she’s going to give. She’s a champ at it and for Survivor watchers, she might have beat out Sarah AND Tony. She also showed some survival food tips by eating some worms. Randall was squirming more than the annelid did. All of that squirming must have wiped her out, because she headed back to her bunk for a nap even though she was supposed to be setting up for the Rose’ All Day party. Claire was not pleased when she had to go chase her down because doing so put her behind schedule as well.

What should have been a fun chill out with cocktails turned into an “Ask a Pageant Girl Anything” question and answer session with Monica being the main inquisitor. Instead of letting her beef with Neely rest, she performed CPR on it and posed the same question about competition to Neely’s friends. They gave the same answer that Neely did in that you’ve already come so far and it’s a competition with yourself. Instead of accepting the same answer from multiple sources now as truth, Monica came back even hotter. She made it seem like they were all giving canned pageant answers and came close to implying the were lying. It could just be a case that it’s just one more misconception about the women who participate and what motivates them. This is the first time Monica hasn’t gotten my personal Miss Congeniality award. I still have love for her though.

I do not currently have love for Nile at the moment, because he’s not only poisoning the well with comments about Monica to his co-workers, but he’s also sharing them with guests at this point. So not cool, dude. Have your feelings, but don’t try and influence others to share them. The camp is about having fun and you’re coming off like a bully at this point. Pop “Frozen” into the DVD player in the rec room and let it go.

It was still a good prank, Glen!

Because I was over the Monica bashing, I was cheering Glen on with his prank of moving Nile’s bed out of the cabin. He moved it next to the two giant blue chairs under the flagpole in the middle of the lawn. Unfortunately thunderclaps sounded off while they were eating dinner and Glen has a conscience. He and Sophia start to move the bed back indoors when they’re caught red-handed by David and Claire. Glen eventually fesses up to what he had done and Claire thinks the air of tragedy surrounding having to undo a prank before it’s even acknowledged is punishment enough.

Nile decides to finally talk to Glen and his attitude and behavior are really making Glen question who Nile is after getting to know him the past two weekends. He feels like he doesn’t really know or trust Nile and says so. Nile comes back really harshly and mocks Glen’s appearance and mannerisms as a facade. Deeply low blow, especially towards a guy who spent his youth bullied.

The next morning Nile feels some instantaneous regret and actually apologizes to Glen for being too harsh and aggressive. Glen truly appreciated the apology and they call a truce. Now if we can only get the same to happen with Nile and Monica, they can all be happy campers!

Next week it looks like the love triangle moves from Adam, Sophia, and Randall to Adam, Sophia, and Gavin. Can’t wait to see how that plays out. I hope you’ll join me.

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