Camp Getaway: Hookups and Dress Downs

This weekend is all about the Young Professionals, but before you get visions of James Spader with a pastel sweater tied around his neck like a cape, this is the modern version. Our main host is Erin who is a matchmaker/professional wing woman. She’s been to the camp every year for the past seven and with that kind of returning business there are perks to be had. Her group gets picked up in a VIP bus and are escorted on the trip by Neely, Nile, Randall, Glen, and Gavin.

This is the first time in three years that Erin’s going with the group as a single woman and sparks are instantly flying between her and Gavin. You’d think Randall would be the first in line to take advantage of Erin’s expertise, but after the mixed signals with Adam, she’s just looking to move on and concentrate on her job.

As suspected, Adam wasn’t fired completely, but just suspended for the weekend. Sophia video chats with him to see how he’s doing and they make plans to go out on a real date during the week. It seems like the signals are crystal clear now and Adam has given Sophia his final rose. Randall remarks that it sucks to be the girl who doesn’t receive it, but that she doesn’t have any animosity for Sophia.

On the first night Erin’s group gets a private cocktail party in David’s backyard. It’s normally his sanctuary, but with all of the clients Erin has brought to the camp, he’ll gladly share to give her guests a VIP vibe. Neely reconnects with Bearded Adam, a guest who she met the first week of camp. She feels like she could’ve have dreamt him up in a diary entry and looks forward to seeing where it goes after the Tripp disaster.

A Tale of Two Pretties

After the cocktail party they head out to go dancing and Gavin and Erin are doing their best Eric Nies impressions from MTV’s The Grind. Just when you think it’s magic in the making, Erin decides to head to bed since she’s tired. I’m starting to think the “G” in Gavin stands for “Get It” because he immediately downs more tequila and starts flirting with a guest named Elaina. The next thing you know, they’re attached like a plecostomus and an aquarium wall.

The next day during yoga activities, Monica tries to clear the tension she feels in the air between her and Neely. From an outside perspective, it seems like Monica is just looking for authenticity and she didn’t feel like she was getting it in their conversation about competition. Neely’s view is that all of their interactions feel like therapy sessions she didn’t ask for. Nile decides to jump in on their conversation and Monica asks if she and Neely could finish their moment in private. Apparently the cue was too subtle for him, so Monica goes for a more direct dismissal and he gets offended.

After the girls finish their conversation, Nile goes directly to Neely to find out what was up. Neely shares that she often feels belittled by Monica and Nile is quick to agree. In actuality, I think Nile has his own beef with Monica. He’s blaming her for Adam being suspended, when it was Claire who took it to David, and it was Adam’s tardiness and crappy attitude that caused it all to begin with. Total “bro” move on Nile’s part to somehow make it Monica’s fault.

Later at the paddle boarding competition, Nile finds a way to get in yet another dig at Monica. She’s sitting out this event and Nile gives her grief about it even though Randall is sitting out too. Despite the backhanded comment about her being able to yell at them more, Monica takes the high road and cheers them on and compliments them as they win their race.

The social coordinators paddle board game is strong!

After Erin gives Randall an epiphany moment about karma bringing it back around to you when you try and set up other couples, Randall tries her hand at matchmaking. Her target couple? Erin and Gavin. While Erin is all for it in an environment away from camp, Gavin is more lukewarm. He says he’s a fan of taller girls because he’s getting too old to bend over. It’s a distinct possibility that Elaina being about six inches taller than Erin is the subtext here.

That night there’s a roaring 20’s party and I love Glen for finding a way to make glitter work with the theme. A few of the coordinators have been pulled in to help with the dance and Gavin is actually really good. Neely finds a way to be on a box front and center, which in Monica’s mind confirms that Neely really is competitive and loves the spotlight. I personally think that Neely just wanted to make sure that Bearded Adam couldn’t help but see her.

Gavin is again spending copious amounts of time with Elaina, and when he heads back to the cabin Neely and Randall ask him about her. He blows it off and says he’s going to bed, but as soon as it seems everyone is sleeping, he sneaks out and beelines for Elaina’s cabin. It’s hard to be sneaky when cameras are following you everywhere, buddy.

Camp isn’t just about romance, but friendships too.

Sunday morning Monica and Randall head over to Erin’s cabin to see how she enjoyed the weekend. Erin says she may not have made a love match, but she is excited about bonding with Randall and looks forward to continuing their friendship. Maybe with a new matchmaker bestie, Randall’s single days will soon be behind her.

I love me some Mon, but the Pittsburgh story she shared with the guests was all kinds of awks. Sometimes you have to just be there and stories don’t translate. Nile uses the awkwardness to take yet another jab at Monica to the guests. I’m trying not to judge him too harshly, but he really needs to stop the “dog with a bone” schtick.

I start to have renewed hope when he asks Monica if they can talk and clear the air. Hopes are quickly dashed though when his biggest personal beef is that she told him to wear his name tag on the other side of his shirt. She is supposed to be mentoring them after all. Then he goes on a contradictory rant about her breaking the rules and even tries to blame her for his skinny dipping misstep. She told him not to, and he chose to do it anyway. She let him make his own mistakes. It seems like she’s an unfair scapegoat for everything that everyone else does wrong. Plus his ego comment seems like total projection since no one can tell him anything.

It doesn’t seem like the talk resolved much and it looks like it carries over into next week as well. I hope you’ll join me to see how it all pans out.

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