Camp Getaway: Howdy, Campers

Let’s face it, since the advent of Jason Vorhees, sleepaway camps haven’t had the best public face. That’s all about to change though once you meet the players from Bravo’s Camp Getaway. (Mondays, 10pm EST)

My pre-Friday the 13th memories of summer camp are all fond ones. Camp crushes, activities, fresh air, and that first sweet taste of independence away from the prying eyes of parents. David, the camp’s owner, had those same fond memories. After years of working as a corporate recruiter, he decided that he wanted to be doing something he loved, and give other people the chance to create camp memories.

During the week, they still operate a kids’ camp and one person can’t do that alone. There are 150 employees that keep the place running. At the top of that food chain is David’s iron right hand Claire, the camp’s director. Claire’s in charge of all of the moving parts and making sure everyone is doing their part to create the best experience possible.

Once the kids leave on Friday night, the camp swaps out the finger paints for body paint and trades in the fruit punch for rum punch. Basically it becomes an adult playground where you can either relive your youth (with alcohol!) or you can get the camp experience you missed out on as a kid.

A key component in creating a fun environment that keeps people coming back are the social coordinators. Their role is to make sure that all the guests are living their best lives possible while staying at the camp. With new coordinators coming in, there needs to be a little guidance as they learn the ropes of activity duties, event prep, and hosting. That falls on the more-than-capable shoulders of Monica and also on Adam. Both of them have been with the camp for a few years and know what’s involved in making and keeping the guests happy.

During the week Monica is a clinical psychologist, but when Friday comes, it’s time for her to let another facet of her personality shine. She’s a Harvard grad, so nothing slips by her, but she’s also the most chill voice of reason I’ve ever seen on Bravo. She’ll tell you what she thinks should be done, but she’ll lay back and let you make your own mistakes if you decide not to listen. Personally, I think more Bravo casts could use an on-staff psychologist.

So far in the series Adam is coming off like the anti-Monica. He was late to the first meeting and seems to be more interested in macking on guests than following the program (see Jordan, Ep.2 for reference data.) No one is ever a total stereotype though, so hopefully we’ll get to see the onion’s layers in future episodes.

Glen’s shirt speaks for both of them!

When it comes to the the first time coordinators, Glen has stolen my heart. So much so that I want a pocket-sized version of him to take with me everywhere. He’s everything glitter, joy, and snark that is wonderful about this world. During the week he’s a personal trainer, a go-go dancer, and leads walking tours of NYC. Aside from some stomach turning moments he had with a roasted pig for the luau, he’s been nothing short of amazing in his new job.

Neely is a wildlife biologist and also teaches survival skills, which makes camp the perfect fit for her. That is until she happens to ignore a directive from Claire about what time a guest’s birthday cake should be served. Claire does a fairly good impression of Mt. Vesuvius and it definitely rattled Neely for a bit. She pulled it together at home during the week though and realized that there are a lot of interconnected gears involved in the running of a well-oiled machine. She apologized to Claire and is back on track to show us how this job is well within her skill set.

Randall is another one of the newbies and she is a ball of non-stop conversation and energy. That ball happens to be a little deflated and rolling a bit funny thanks to an air boot she’s sporting due to an injury. Not sure if it’s the magic of the shady edit or not, but they’ve also pigeon-holed her into being a bit boy crazy. If we’ve learned anything from the recent Vanderpump Rules scandal, it’s that Bravo doesn’t have a problem with editors painting unflattering pictures of cast members…that is until the editor brags about it on a podcast. I’m looking forward to seeing a more well rounded version of her as the season continues.

Up to this point Nile seems more interested in giving the guests whatever they want rather than worrying about the rules. His first strike came with Neely’s, as he was the one who pushed to serve the birthday cake early. His second one came when he took Jordan’s friends in episode 2 for a little night swim with no lifeguard. No bueno, Nile. Drunk people and bodies of water don’t mix. David went near apoplectic when he found out, and specters of liability insurance premiums no doubt sent chills down his spine. With two strikes in two episodes, I’m not sure how secure Nile’s future at the camp is.

The last of the coordinators we’ve been introduced to so far is Sophia. This southern belle is an event planner in her full-time career so she’s truly an asset when it comes to the event prep at the camp. We haven’t gotten to see a whole lot of her in action yet, but I’m hoping they remedy that soon.

In Episode three we’ll be meeting the last of the coordinators (that we know of!) I don’t have much intel on Gavin other than that he’s an accountant and youth basketball coach during the week, and from the looks of the trailer…he might be looking for some female distraction. Will he go the guest route like Adam, or are co-workers more his cup of tea? We will all have to tune in and find out. I hope you’ll join me.

Almost forgot to mention, Monica has said she’ll be live tweeting during the show, so be sure to follow her and get some dish on the show while it’s airing!

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  1. Thanks so much for the great review, Jen! I’m looking forward to everyone enjoying the show tonight. So excited to live-tweet and kiki with everyone!

    1. Watching it right now and loving it. Just saw you dash away from a skunk. I don’t move fast, but I would’ve been a straight up blur zipping past you! XOXO

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