Camp Getaway: The Late Bird Gets To Squirm

Three episodes in and the show is really hitting its stride, and what better way to celebrate than by showing a little PRIDE! Glen arrives early to not only help get the camp’s weekend underway, but to decorate his bunk mates cabins in everything rainbow and unicorn horns. When Nile arrives and asks him for tips on how best to approach the weekend, Glen shares that the number one thing Nile can do is listen to people’s stories. Such a simple gift really, but a meaningful one.

The other staff members start to arrive and Sophia wastes no time in asking Neely how the date with Tripp went. Long story short, it was a bust, as Tripp put zero effort into it. I’m hard pressed to come up with something that screams emotionally unavailable as much as a guy not even bringing his own dog. (Rocco was cute though!) It never felt like a love match in the first place, but some lessons take a refresher course to really sink in.

Talk turns to where Adam is, and it’s starting to feel like he’s becoming the Kim Richards of Camp Getaway. Sophia seems to have some inside info on why he’s late which perks up the ears of her co-workers. Apparently there’s a connection going on that everyone missed, but secrets never stay under wraps very long at camp.

Gavin getting his TNT on. Dynamite smile too!

We’re introduced to Gavin who is an accountant from Connecticut. He lets us know that there’s a misconception that everything in the state is outdoorsy, but it isn’t and he grew up around concrete. This woodland world is a whole new experience for him…so much so that his sisters feel the need to pray for him over the phone. His motto is TNT or Try New Things, and camp life definitely fits the bill.

David says he brought in Gavin as a Plan B. With Nile already having two strikes in two weeks and Adam’s penchant for tardiness, it’s a smart move on David’s part to have his bases covered. As Nile is showing Gavin around he starts to wonder if he’s potentially training his own replacement. I think that underlying fear can be a great motivator to get Nile to step up his game.

The main guest this week is Christine O’Leary. She’s a friend of David’s and a comedienne. She’s all about pride and is hosting several of her friends. There’s no doubt that feathered boas and glitter are going to be key components of the weekend, as well as laughter and fun.

Glen making “little Glen” very proud.

Adam finally comes straggling in well after the greeting of the guests is under way. Instead of joining his co-workers, he heads off to change clothes and passes David and Claire on the way. It’s one thing to be late, it’s another thing altogether to have an attitude about it and to not let anyone know…especially your bosses. It’s a safe bet that his attitude is going to bite him in the backside, and not in a way he’d enjoy.

Randall is back and bootless, so there are no impediments in her path, except when it comes to her path to Adam. There’s a Sophia-shaped roadblock on that street. Sophia has recently been burned by infidelity in her last relationship, so she’s hesitant to completely put herself out there with Adam, but does admit to getting warm and fuzzy feelings when his name pops up on her phone. Later that evening the feelings take on an icier vibe when she sees Randall and Adam slow dancing together.

Monica puts on her professional hat and gets to the bottom of what Sophia is feeling. If you’re not familiar with Virgos, they’re problem solvers, and Monica quickly puts that ability to work by asking Adam flat out what’s going on with the Sophia and Randall situation. Adam shares that he likes Sophia. Monica tells him that he’s going to miss out because of the impression he gives off when he’s with Randall. He agrees and adds that Randall is possessive. (These are the moments where I’d love to be a fly on the wall in the room of the person being talked about!) Monica quickly brings the intel back to Sophia and also assuages Sophia’s fears that Adam is out of her league. I don’t know if the arrival of a skunk is prophetic or not yet, but I’m inclined to think that we’re not at the happily ever after portion of the program.

The next day is filled with activities including a dollar store Project Runway-like challenge, a comedy workshop, a mini-Pride parade and color wars. Glen shares that he was bullied mercilessly at camp as a kid and that this weekend is his chance to give “little Glen” the moment he never had. I’m happy that he not only gets to do that for himself, but that everyone watching who had the same experience can get the chance to live that moment vicariously through him.

Winners gonna win. Monica takes a victory lap.

Color wars is like field day back in grade school and the three teams are captained by Monica, Adam, and Glen. Competitive and competent people inspire that drive in others, and it certainly is working with Glen and Adam who both want to beat Monica and take her down a peg. Wishes go unfilled, however, and the Red Team led by a butterfly-winged Monica are the victors.

Both a literal and a metaphorical storm are rolling into the camp and it’s a rush to get indoors, but still keep the energy up. For Adam, that means putting out as much beer as he can get his hands on. David, who is already annoyed that Adam would rather focus on Sophia than the guests, is a little short with Adam, which Adam in turn uses as an excuse to head back to his cabin with Sophia and a pitcher of beer. Nothing is wrong with the pitcher, but there’s definitely something wrong with this picture. It’s like the rain put out the campfire before Adam could read the smoke signals.

After a dragalicious runway competition it’s time to get to the comedy portion of the night and Randall is up first. It’s normal to hear crickets in the woods, but it’s bad to hear them when you’re performing stand up. I personally think that the real estate broker and matchmaker joke would have had a better chance than the single girl material, but regardless, I couldn’t help but feel bad for Randall. The audience was less than receptive and Adam took it upon himself to console her…albeit in a very handsy way. Mixed signals is an understatement, especially when he bumps into Sophia and decides to leave with her.

Adam returning Sophia’s name tag to her the next morning that she left on his nightstand is the closest we get to an idea of what went down. Suffice it to say that whatever happened kept him in a state where time wasn’t important. He shows up late for the one activity he was assigned to do. Monica is not a happy camper, because she had to pick up his slack. He’s more concerned about her tone than he is apologetic for his inaction causing her more work. Claire steps in and lets him know that at this point she’s the only buffer between him and David. Adam doubles down on arrogant and tells her that David can fire him if he wants and that David doesn’t pay his checks. Huh, wha? Not sure who does if not the owner, unless it’s a Bravo reference.

The late bird starts to squirm.

Claire walks off because she feels like the hole got deeper instead of being filled and she phones David to let him know it didn’t go well with Adam. David asks her to tell Adam to meet him in his office at 3:30. At the meeting David tells Adam that his attitude has taken a nosedive and that the guests are no longer first with him. He also tells Adam that he doesn’t want him there next weekend. I’ve been a Bravo viewer long enough to know that words matter. Even though they’re giving us the impression that Adam is fired, that’s not what they said. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that we haven’t seen the last of him.

Next week it seems like Monica is a target for both Neely and Nile. I have a feeling that she’ll have no trouble holding her own, but I still want to be there to see it go down. I hope you’ll join me!

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