“Cut From a Different Cloth”

Mazels to Jackie. Mazels to Margaret and Melissa. Mazel Tov to basically everybody on RHONJ, except Dolores Catania. Her attack on Jackie was dripping in anti-Semitism, and it was not lost on me.

We learned in Jamaica that Dolores is the one who is “cut from a different cloth.” Trying to rally her troops around Jackie’s “otherness,” the ladies backed away. Melissa refused to stand for it, Margaret spoke up, and even Jennifer (who isn’t exactly Jackie’s #1 fan) told Dolores what her exclusionary statement implied.

Discrimination is a minefield for a show like Housewives, and RHONJ navigated it carefully. Dolores was shut down in the moment, but no one dared to spell out the bigoted subtext of her agenda. The elephant in the room. That’s what I’m here for.

Dolores visited The Wendy Williams Show in November, and her comments about Jackie embraced a very specific stereotype. She declared that Jackie is by far the richest; that Jackie has hoards of cash and “pisses down on us all.” Considering her prior attack on Jackie’s heritage, it doesn’t take a history professor to figure out her message.

Happy Holidays to all! *except Dolores Catania*

Listen to Episode 11, where we discuss at length, below!


I was born an elderly Jew in the Valley, in 1986. I ventured far, far away (3 exits down the 405) and became a UCLA Bruin. My hobbies include delusions of grandeur and avoiding direct sunlight.

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