Dr. Deb: Sometimes It’s What You *Don’t* Say That Matters Most

Two weeks ago on Real Housewives of OC, we got to see some very interesting, very edited, drama at OC Fashion Week. And after interviewing Kathy Marino, Executive Producer of OC Fashion week on Episode 5 of our podcast, we started to see a very interesting picture emerge. I’m here to say the thing that no one seems to want to come out and say–that was some racist shit. RACIST.

Why would I make such an inflammatory comment? I’ll share my evidence in a moment. But first, a little recap:

  1. The ladies of OC go to OC Fashion week. Because they are such fashionistas, Braunwyn basically wears a spangled ice-skating dress and her mom, “Dr. Deb” wears some crazy rainbow wig, a sign that says “Medicine Woman” around her neck (presumably because she’s dispensing the drugs she’s been taking).
  2. Before we know it, chaos ensues. We don’t see it happen, but suddenly Rainbow Brite (thanks, Kathy for the awesome comparison!) is screaming that a “security guard” grabbed her by the arm to stop her in some violent way.
  3. Next, Kathy gets involved. Dr. Deb is so incensed by her run-in with said “security guard” (who, it must be said, is wearing some very expensive couture) that she goes to tell on her.
  4. Kathy says a word that makes Dr. Deb go ballistic. No, the word is not “bitch,” or “c–t” (because she wasn’t talking to me–Kathy is much more polite than I am). The word is “sweetheart” and apparently, countries have gone to war for less.
  5. Dr. Deb insists she’s being discriminated against because of the way she looks, which is ironic, because.


Why on earth would she think he was security? Um…maybe because he was a large black man?

Consider the evidence: OC is like the whitest place ever. There was only one visible African American that I could see (maybe there were more, but I can only see what the Bravo editors show me). He did, indeed, try to stop Dr. Deb from passing. But not by grabbing her. By tapping her lightly on the arm to ask her who she was, because (drum roll)…They weren’t done setting up and so no audience members were allowed to go up the stairs! No one knew she was the grandmother of one of the designers. And she sure didn’t look like the rest of her clan.

Yeah, she looked super crazy. Is that a reason to judge someone? Well, if you’re asking me, YES. I mean, you’re at fashion week. You’re dressed like a homeless woman on Halloween. You’re not attired appropriately for the event. In fact, I’d run away from you, because you look fucking scary as hell…and like you’re going to ask me for money.

My point is that if this man’s job is to make sure that the crowd only comes into the room when they are organized and ready, and some raggedy-ass homeless-looking woman starts pushing through, maybe it’s fair to try to at least ASK her who she is.

Now. Back to the “other” side of this story.

Christopher Keyes is the man in question. He is a tall (dizzyingly handsome) African American gentleman who is a sponsor of OC Fashion Week and a “luxury realtor.” What about him screamed “security guard?” Could it be because he’s a black man and she stereotyped him?

A day or so after the episode aired, Chris Keyes posted on Instagram that Dr. Deb was lying and that she had bullied Kathy Marino that night. Then he alleged that she called him the “n– word.”

The OC gang fought back against this allegation and even threatened to sue OC Fashion Week. Apparently, AllAboutTheTea went back to Bravo, who had footage of everything, because Dr. Deb was mic’d the whole time. The editors said she definitely did not use a racial slur.

However…because those Bravo editors are always shady and because they want you to see what they want you to see…I DON’T BELIEVE THEM.

I don’t care who tells me otherwise. I don’t care if those OC ladies come after me and try to sue me. It’s a free country and my “spidey senses” are tingling hard. All evidence shows that it was Dr. Deb who judged Chris Keyes by his appearance, and not the other way around. Dr. Deb can take off her damn stupid costume, but Chris has to keep his on for life.

I understand that this blog post virtually ensures that we will never have Dr. Deb or Braunwyn on the Kiki and Kibbitz podcast. Newsflash: we don’t care. We find the actions that we saw on camera (“n–word” or no, these women acted despicably). It’s a free country. I will judge you in whatever way I want.


Do you think Dr. Deb is a racist? Do you think this is all a misunderstanding? Listen to the interview and then let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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