Family Karma Finale: Auspicious Means Rainy

Now that the sit-down between Reshma P. and Lopa is out of the way, it’s full steam ahead for the Roka. It feels like there still may be gaps in the tracks though as we see Richa get her dog’s named in henna on her hand rather than Vishal’s, and we hear Lopa say there are still ups and downs while seeming anything but excited. Even with all of the planning that Vishal has done, Lopa still has questions, like how much money Vishal makes. While I can understand wanting a general feeling of security around whether or not your baby girl will be taken care of, I don’t necessarily agree that it involves knowing a specific dollar amount.

Vishal is doing some prepping as well, as he, Amrit, Anisha, and Shaan all gather at a dance studio so Monica can help them with their performance. During a break he shares his hopes with Amrit that his planning and efforts show Lopa Aunty that he’s deserving and that sometimes even he doesn’t think he’s worthy of Richa. Amrit wants him to stop downplaying his value and offers to do anything he can to make the Roka a success…including making out with Lopa. They could make that a pay-per-view event, and I’d totally pony up the money for it.

On ice for now.

Anisha and Chitra go on a shopping trip for new outfits and in between trying to find camel toe-free options, Anisha decides to come clean with her mom about a few things. First, she tells her that she wasn’t honest with Ram about her finances and Chitra doesn’t understand why she would lie. When Anisha shares that she just wanted her dad to be proud of her, Chitra assures her that they both are proud of her irrespective of her current circumstances. The next topic of Anisha freezing her eggs is not initially met with as warm a sentiment. Chitra would rather Anisha just go the natural route and have fun with it. She explains that Gopal has expressed that the only reason he’s still around is to see Anisha get married and have children. Chitra’s also not sure as she’s getting older that she’ll be able to do for Anisha what her mother did for her as far as helping with her future grandchildren. When she sees how her words hurt Anisha, she immediately apologizes though.

In the “will they or won’t they” world of Brian and Monica, it’s safe to say right now that they won’t. Sharing drinks and trading straws is as intimate as it’s going to be for now and they even decide to go on a double date with each setting up the other. Brian does teasingly warn her that she better not get jealous, because he did give her first shot.

Bali is a little panicked about Anushka leaving for college. With the potential for partying and no curfews, it’s going to be a big change from how things have been up until now. She decides she wants to surprise Anushka with matching tattoos that Anushka has been wanting for a while. Bali figures if it’s that special to Anushka, she’s willing to draw blood. However, when they show up and find out that finger tattoos are painful, the bonding moment gets postponed because nerves take over.

You bet it hurts. It’s done with a gun.

The Roka has arrived and we learn that “auspicious” means “rainy” and also means that there are last minute expenses and changes to made. The party has already cost about 40,000 dollars and now heaters and a tent need to be added to the bill. Richa is getting ready in one room while Amrit carries Vishal over the threshold of another. Vishal doesn’t think he and Richa should see each other before the ceremony. Richa explains that it’s an engagement party, not a wedding, and if they don’t see each other until they are married it will be four years from now.

Nicholas arrives at Vishal’s suite and he and Amrit discuss a situation that happened between him and Lavina at the Parvani’s party the night before. Nicholas doesn’t like being introduced as Amrit’s friend and feels like it downplays their relationship. After hearing how his own evangelical family struggles with acceptance of him, I can understand why it would hurt. Amrit sees both sides of it and wants Nicholas to be a little more patient and understanding when it comes to Amrit’s parents. I, for one, will be overjoyed when no one has to feel “less than” because of who they love.

Everyone is dressed in their finest and they all look amazing when the ceremony begins. A priest is there to perform the puja to unite the two families. I couldn’t help but giggle at Monica’s dad Raj when he pointed out how incredibly long it was and that people stop paying attention. Having attended many Catholic functions and weddings, I totally knew where he was coming from. I usually sum them up by saying “stand up, sit down, kneel, stand, kneel, kneel, kneel.” The blessing lasted over an hour and twenty minutes, so even though Monica wasn’t happy her dad said it out loud, Raj wasn’t wrong.

Cheers to the happy couple.

At the end of the puja, Vishal slides a ring on Richa’s finger and he receives a rare “I love you,” in return. Richa explains that it’s reserved for special occasions about once every two years. Fences are mended between Nicholas and Lavina after an airing of feelings. Lavina had no idea she had hurt Nicholas and admitted she was worried about what the community thought and would work to do better in the future. She let him know that whatever happened with his parents, that he would always have a mom and a dad in her and Suresh. Suresh echoes that sentiment in a confessional where he said that Nicholas is like a 3rd ace to them. Sons are considered aces and now he has a “full flush.”

When asked how O’Malley fits into Indian culture, Bali admits she’s not sure, but she knows he doesn’t fit into the clothes. She has to have his outfits custom made in India and she is constantly questioned if the measurements she’s given them are correct. What also may not be a proper fit right now is her move to Louisville. O’Malley assures her that when she’s ready to move, she can move, and that he loves her more today than ever. (I definitely need more of the two of them next season!)

As we wrap things up everyone is thinking about what comes next. For Anisha it’s working on her fashion line and maybe finding a boyfriend. For Brian and Monica, it will remain in the friend zone. Brian shares that if it goes beyond that, one thing is for sure…Monica will have to come to him this time. Vishal is just pleased that all of his efforts weren’t in vain and after metaphorically showing Lopa Aunty his juevos, he has her acceptance and a shot at calling her “Mom.”

Thank you all for a great season. It is my sincere wish that Bravo recognizes this show and these people for the gems that they are and gives us a FULL second season. Until then, stay blessed! XOXO

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