Family Karma – Heliophobia or Bust

Try and name a more adorable mother/son duo on TV than Dharma and Brian Benni. Go ahead, I’ll wait. It’s nigh on impossible because these two are the cutest. Whether it’s exchanging swear words in Gujarati or boxing at the gym, they are parent/child goals. Up to and including when Dharma started to swing on him while grunting out a request (or maybe threat) for him to start doing his laundry. Too fun!

Mother and Son goals

The Parvani father and son duo are having a little ab-off. Sorry, Kishor. You can likely say “I’m sorry,” in a more timely fashion, but Vishal has the better abs. Monica stops over and Vishal shares with her that he wants to learn a dance for the Roka. It looks like Monica has her work cut out for her though, because Vishal’s moves are more dated than mine.

Bali decides she wants to host a Friendsgiving, both because she loves to entertain and because misses all of the parties she used to throw in India. She and Anushka discuss her daughter’s plans for college. Anushka wonders if once she’s college-bound if Bali and O’Malley will get married. Bali isn’t sure about wedding bells, but she is ready to trade Art Deco for Bluegrass and move to Louisville.

With her relationship with Vishal still being like a walk on hot coals, Anish has been hanging around with her mom and the aunties at this point. To ward off the fate of becoming one, she meets up with Amrit for lunch. When she asked him how the weekend with Nicholas went, apparently a timeline was discussed. Since we only got to see it in flashback form, I’m not going to classify it as an ultimatum, but Nicholas seemed pretty adamant about being engaged in the next 12 months. Everyone seems to be bringing up Anish’s ex Vishnu this episode, but she seems to have little interest in revisiting that relationship or moving forward with a new one at the moment. She also has no inclination to be a surrogate for Amrit and Nicholas, and said they should consider Monica because the baby would have better dance genes.

Friendsgiving is upon us and it’s eight levels of awkward. Monica and Brian show up together under the guise that nothing has changed, but there’s noticeably more bickering between them. Vishal is looking for the perfect opening to clear things up with Anish, but she’s more eager to dig into the food. He manages to pull her away and still cannot seem to grasp why he owes her an apology or why things are weird between them. Even if he doesn’t think he owes her an apology for anything he said at the dinner, he’s most certainly the one who cut off communication and can’t expect Anish to contact him first because of it. Anish winds up letting him off the hook and says that she wants to celebrate at the Roka with him.

Unfortunately, the moment Vishal manages to extricate one foot from his mouth, in pops the other when he insists on continuing to tease Monica about Brian. Monica wants the jokes to stop, and Brian steps in under the guise of making it more comfortable for her, only to make it exponentially more awkward. Monica gets rightfully frustrated at having their business put on blast because she didn’t do that to Brian. Personally, I think Brian’s ego is a little bruised considering this is the first time he can recall being rejected. The whole “confusion over flirty banter” felt like a way for him to put some of the onus on Monica for why he even approached her. Lame bro stuff if you ask me. If you really want her, acting like you were duped isn’t the way to go.

I’m bummed because it seems like we won’t get to see Gopal and Saroja for a while, since they’re talking about packing for India. They’ve been such a light so far this season and are making me miss having my own grandparents to talk to and get unsolicited advice from.

Key West or bust!

The group is headed down to Key West and I’m getting the vibe that Anish may need to take Lourdes as her plus one, just to have someone to help her through her phobias. Xenodochiophobia, Heliophobia, Mysophobia…the Keys might not be the best destination for her. To even things out, Monica’s plus one could be a porter, because she’s the only one that brought a suitcase.

We’ll have to wait until next week to see what kind of trouble they get into and what part if any Shaan’s cousin Nehali plays in it. So far in the previews, we know she gives a great reaction shot. Until then, folks, stay blessed and healthy!

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