Family Karma: I Kinda Don’t Like You

Yoga with Amrit and his dad Suresh is a great way to shake off the dark from the end of last week’s episode. While calming their minds they discussed the fact that Amrit still hasn’t officially come out to his grandmother. Forget “old school,” Suresh says she’s “ancient school” in her views. But she might be putting two and two (or technically one and one) together considering whenever Amrit visited, Nicholas came to Miami with him. Amrit still isn’t sure if now is the right time to marry Nicholas.

Anisha is having dinner with her parents Chitra and Ram. With phones banned at the table, they are force to talk, and Anisha fills them in on the Key West trip. She tells Chitra that she kind of hurt her favorite person, and even Ram knows that Monica is Chitra’s favorite. Cue the praising of Monica from Anisha’s mom and it’s no wonder that she has an issue with Monica. I still don’t think it’s Monica’s fault or fair for Anisha to take it out on her though. I think it’s a discussion she needs to have with Chitra.

Should Anisha be blaming Monica for how Chitra feels?

Vishal is in peak party planning mode and is getting overwhelmed by everything that’s involved. Between the venue, DJ, catering, photo booth, it’s becoming a big deal. Thankfully Bali is on hand to help him out in the flower department. He tells his Mom Reshma that they are looking to keep it under 100 people. Now that Richa’s friends have booked transportation from Memphis already, she’s starting to get stressed. The Lopa Aunty factor adds to Vishal’s stress as well and he tells Reshma that he’d rather she talked to Lopa for him. His biggest concern is that in their culture, marriages may not even happen if the families don’t get along.

Bali, O’Malley, and Anushka are all hanging out. Anushka says that she knows O’Malley is about to visit when there’s milk in the house. While Bali goes to make their order, O’Malley and Anushka hang outside to chat. Both of the colleges that Anushka applied to are in California, so she asks O’Malley if once she leaves if he and her mom plan on getting married. It looks like if nothing else, a move to Louisville is in the cards. While Bali’s parents love O’Malley, they have no plans on moving with her. Kentucky’s climate is fairly unappealing to anyone aside from an Ohioan like me.

Not everyone is thrilled about living in Bluegrass country

Anisha’s dad Ram is also in the textile industry, although Anisha points out that he was way further along by her age. She’s meeting with him to lay out her plans for her clothing line. When she’s discussing the financial end, she notes that it will be close to half a million dollars for the proper launch. When he asks her how she’s planning on getting the funding, she lies and said she has most of it. She doesn’t and admits as much in a confessional. When production asks her why she lied, she admits it’s because she’s ashamed of her finances and that she’s basically lying to herself daily that everything is great. It’s becoming crystal clear why she is wanting Monica to behave in a way that Anisha feels is more transparent and authentic. She doesn’t feel like she can come close to measuring up otherwise.

Amrit is having a launch party for the branch office his firm is opening in Miami. He’s really focused on making it perfect, because after seven years he wants to move up from being an associate to being a partner, and he think this will show he’s ready for that step. (Side note: Is anyone else catching a skeevy vibe from his boss/mentor Harley, or is it just me? It’s like super shyster feels ooze off of him and then he used them as product in his hair.)

At first I thought this was going to be a Amrit-focused event only, but the rest of the gang soon arrives, beginning with Vishal and Richa. Remember 6 episodes ago when I thought Lopa Aunty was being harsh? Well, I’m not saying it wasn’t now, but I’m definitely understanding why she might go there on occasion after a drink or two. I was thinking for a second how sweet it was that he told Richa she looked pretty, until I realized he was saying, “Don’t I look pretty?” That would get old…fast. Richa blew right by it though and began to talk about sorting out the details of the Roka. She is Punjabi and Vishal and his family are Sindhi, so there are different traditions for the ceremony involved in each. When Vishal asks her for advice on dealing with Lopa, she’s the human equivalent of blunt force trauma. “Let your balls drop and become a man.” Couples tip #1…never ask a question you don’t want the answer to.

Brian is using the part to get his flirt on with a friend of Amrit’s named Ritika. It started off okay with them trying each other’s drinks, but the takeoff is not always indicative of the landing. And when you’re trying to land, it’s best not to offer to feed her “airplane” style. Crash and burn, Mav.

Leave the flying maneuvers to the Top Guns, Brian.

Anisha and Bali arrive and it’s not long before Bali makes her way over to Monica. Bali immediately wants to clear the air and apologize. Monica seems willing to let it be water under Seven Mile Bridge, but then Anisha joins. Anisha starts off well by apologizing straight out of the gate, but apparently she took flying lessons from Brian. I’m not choosing sides here, just being objective, but I don’t know how you can think it will go well when you make a dig about a “perfect girl image.” If you are going to apologize, do it. Save the excuses and justifications for another time when things are better or keep them to yourself. I also don’t think it being two against one helped the matter at all. They may have been coming from a genuine place, but it came off like a united front and not individual issues. It got so loud that Amrit went over to break it up, only to be dressed down by Anisha. Monica made it all end though when she told Anisha that she kinda didn’t like her right now, and left shortly after.

The younger generation isn’t the only one that can beef though. Lopa is in town and she and Reshma have the first sit-down since the Diwali gala. Greetings begin with a side hug. That is never a good sign. If you can’t even face each other for a full on hug, you know it’s rocky. Reshma shares that the kids are what is important, and after making sure to bring up how uncomfortable she was at the wedding years ago…Lopa agrees. She decides that the past is gone and she will close that chapter. They ended with a front-facing hug, so things seem a little better, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Next week is the finale. Can you believe it? This season went by way too quickly and I hope they get a full episode order for season 2. I hope to see you all back here next week to dish on the Roka!

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